"Brut Is Where I Come Out To The World"

The world knows that they run a successful cakery. But Manpriya and Navneet are also in love. And this is their "official" coming out to the world.

15/11/2021 18:21actualizado: 16/11/2021 8:52
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  • Ali K.
    22/11/2021 17:23


  • Dr-Chandni J.
    22/11/2021 15:25

    देश के लिए भी कुछ करें।

  • Fauzia S.
    20/11/2021 17:14

    I wonder why do u care for a LEGAL document wen u r doing illegal things

  • Tannu N.
    20/11/2021 15:29

    One day my best frnd told me can we r living together always I refuse her I chose my family

  • Ranjith D.
    20/11/2021 10:17

    Sick bloody shit

  • Keerthana C.
    20/11/2021 07:29

    They're really happy.... Hope they'll be happy like this forever.... We think that they're foolish to make such decisions and choose the same gender partner.... We don't know the pain behind that which makes really weak and scared of the other gender people.... Let them be... Let them do what they want.... Be happy always.... All the best 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Ishaq K.
    19/11/2021 14:45


  • Zuuhaib K.
    19/11/2021 14:18

    Homosexuality is the Cancer in our Society.🙏

  • S M.
    19/11/2021 12:46

    So astounding, indians are supporting homosexuality but still hates muslims!!

  • Karan G.
    19/11/2021 03:45

    Tanveer Singh bhaisaab

  • Aditi G.
    18/11/2021 21:49

    Love wins. ❤️❤️ 🏳️‍🌈

  • Vishnuratha P.
    18/11/2021 19:38

    Or is this becoz u gay u hire only vulnerable women!!!!

  • Leya S.
    18/11/2021 11:21

    They are happy. They are not harming anyone. Let them be. ❤

  • Nano D.
    18/11/2021 01:44

    Don't try to penetrate this in the society. It's your life. Decide your partner and live. No need to tell your story in public. Keep it private. God has created opposite sex! You guys choose an alternate. This could be your psychological disorder. We respect that. Continue your life with privacy

  • Ankita B.
    17/11/2021 17:02

    Life is really short❤️ be happy

  • G V.
    17/11/2021 09:06

    Your comments are baseless. Who told i am hating. Hinduism does not teach anyone to hate but it doesn't mean that one should support anti natural acts.

  • Kikam B.
    16/11/2021 15:57

    What matters above all is you guys are changing lives of many women......cheers and god bless ✨🌟💫💪💐

  • Abhishek G.
    16/11/2021 15:30

    So proud of both of you. You guys are amazing! 💜

  • Maleeha H.
    16/11/2021 11:54

    Lakh lanat

  • Angeline C.
    16/11/2021 10:42

    Such beautiful girls why you are not attracted to boys I just don't understand