When Naseeruddin Shah Condemned The Taliban

Actor Naseeruddin Shah has a warning for Indian Muslims...

03/09/2021 14:57
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  • Uday S.
    3 días

    ہندوستانیوں کو اکثر دوسروں کے معاملات میں ٹانگ اڑانے کی جلدی ہوتی ہے جبکہ اپنے پنڈتون کو سنبھال نہیں سکتے

  • Middle A.
    05/10/2021 04:24

    Very well said, but do you know making movies are haram too? Muslims are forbidden to make films.

  • Mistek J.
    30/09/2021 01:27

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  • Tecnomanindia I.
    29/09/2021 12:48

    Gunah hai Terrorism ko support karke taliban ko condemn karna

  • Almas N.
    28/09/2021 03:04

    Interesting.... Vikramjeet Sinha , as usual vikram your favourite actress shabana azmi in the Frontline....

  • Arun K.
    27/09/2021 05:46

    Allah is a concept and figment of imagination like in Hinduism where we have imagined God's and Goddesses. Difference is u have imagined one God and we do many Gods. Forget Allah, believe modern civilized Nation-State, Science and Technology that would take muslims into new heights.

  • Baz M.
    25/09/2021 05:10

    An actor should think about movies parties shows etc. Leave taliban for his country , don't know why India ass is on grill

  • Mohammad A.
    24/09/2021 09:45


  • Mirza U.
    21/09/2021 16:47

    Who the hell are you to reject Taliban Government. Stop pocking your nose in others matter. Mind your own India where minorities are deprived and killed ,specially Muslims. Apart from the what your Army is doing in Kashmir, killing Muslims and raping their women.

  • Eshwar K.
    19/09/2021 13:23

    Muslim is muslim don't create hate

  • Arun K.
    18/09/2021 18:14

    Islam needs an Indian version just like Chinese doing s Chinese Islam. Bcz Islam was, is and will be a danger to the concept of India and Shah has rightly asked for an Indian version of Islam. We r not against muslims but Islam that treats Constitution inferior to Islam. To us religion is a personal faith and nothing to with State. But traditional Islamists don't believe so.

  • Muhammad I.
    18/09/2021 09:16

    There can be no such thing as innovation & modernity in ISLAM. Islam will remain the same INN Shaa ALLAH, which already Prophet MUHAMMAD peace be upon him given clear direction & taught us till the day of judgement. So BABA G keep your modernity & innovation (بدعت) with you, basically many indians Muslims like you giving these kind of statements just bcz you people want to show your loyality with hidus in India & you living your life like slaves, that's why you giving these kind of statements, You should be shame on your life.

  • Praful G.
    17/09/2021 17:00

    Daraa hua musalmaan, afghanistan hijrat karsakte hai. Unke bachon waha "safe" rahenge......

  • Muhammad S.
    16/09/2021 19:48

    Do not interfere in internal matters of Afghanistan, if you don't want to be interefered by others. Living in a Hindu state how come you are proving your ideas as a free Muslim. You can't even practice your religious activities in India. India must stop a media war against Afghanistan and Muslims.

  • Muhammad H.
    14/09/2021 10:40


  • Shelendra S.
    14/09/2021 02:17

    Jis Thali Mein khate ho Usi Mein Chhed karte ho

  • Imtiaz A.
    13/09/2021 16:43

    آپ برائے نام مسلمان ہے آپ کو اسلام کا الف ب کا بھی پتہ نہیں۔اے کتے

  • Mahendran A.
    12/09/2021 09:17

    *What is special about being a Hindu!* 1) Believe in God ! - Aastik - Accepted 2) Don't believe in God ! - You're accepted as Nastik 3) You want to worship idols - please go ahead. You are a murti pujak. 4) You dont want to worship idols - no problem. You can focus on Nirguna Brahman. 5) You want to criticise something in our religion. Come forward. We are logical. Nyaya, Tarka etc. are core Hindu schools. 6) You want to accept beliefs as it is. Most welcome. Please go ahead with it. 7) You want to start your journey by reading Bhagvad Gita - Sure ! 😎 You want to start your journey by reading Upanishads - Go ahead 9) You want to start your journey by reading Purana - Be my guest. 10) You just don't like reading Puranas or other books. No problem my dear. Go by Bhakti tradition . ( bhakti- devotion) 11) You don't like idea of Bhakti ! No problem. Do your Karma. Be a karmayogi. 12) You want to enjoy life. Very good. No problem at all. This is Charvaka Philosophy. 13) You want to abstain from all the enjoyment of life & find God - jai ho ! Be a Sadhu, an ascetic ! 14) You don't like the concept of God. You believe in Nature only - Welcome. (Trees are our friends and Prakriti or nature is worthy of worship). 15) You believe in one God or Supreme Energy. Superb! Follow Advaita philosophy 16) You want a Guru. Go ahead. Receive gyaan. 17) You don't want a Guru.. Help yourself ! Meditate, Study ! 18) You believe in Female energy ! Shakti is worshipped. 19) You believe that every human being is equal. Yeah! You're awesome, come on let's celebrate Hinduism! "Vasudhaiva kutumbakam" (the world is a family) 20) You don't have time to celebrate the festival. Don't worry. One more festival is coming! There are multiple festivals every single day of the year. 21) You are a working person. Don't have time for religion. Its okay. You will still be a Hindu. 22) You like to go to temples. Devotion is loved. 23) You don't like to go to temples - no problem. You are still a Hindu! 24) You know that Hinduism is a way of life, with considerable freedom. 25) You believe that everything has God in it. So you worship your mother, father, guru, tree, River, Prani-matra, Earth, Universe! 26) And If you don't believe that everything has GOD in it - No problems. Respect your viewpoint. 27) "Sarve jana sukhino bhavantu " (May you all live happily) You represent this! You're free to choose, my dear Hindu! This is exactly the essence of Hinduism, all inclusive .. That is why it has withstood the test of time inspite of repeated onslaught both from within and outside, and assimilated every good aspects from everything . That is why it is eternal !!! There is a saying in Rigveda , the first book ever known to mankind which depicts the Hinduism philosophy in a Nutshell -" Ano bhadrah Krathavo Yanthu Vishwathah"- Let the knowledge come to us from every direction". Overall.. Freedom to be who you really are... 🌺🌺

  • Mahendran A.
    12/09/2021 08:46

    Why are you so proud and excited in saving Hindus from going to hell. We Hindus have been living a happy life long before christianity existed. You want to believe in Jesus, go ahead. You guys are ready to kill to convert. Don't forget that your ancestors were Hindus. The goan inquisition was sanctioned by the holiest man of your faith, yes your Pope. Hindus were killed raped , their property taken if they refused to convert. You are alive today because your great grandparents converted out of fear. They had no choice if they wanted to live. Please let us alone.

  • Hassan I.
    11/09/2021 15:31

    Naseeruddin Shah is basically an atheist or agnostic. There is no point in claiming to be Muslim because your ancestors were, when you yourself say that you don't follow organised religion.