Meet Anupam Tripathi From 'Squid Game'

He grew up in Delhi, lives in South Korea and has now acted in Netflix's most popular original series ever. Meet Anupam Tripathi, who played Ali Abdul in Korean thriller 'Squid Game'...

19/10/2021 16:27
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  • Marshiha M.
    17/11/2021 18:14

    He also worked in strangers from hell

  • Ritika G.
    13/11/2021 05:10

    Very prominent role he did and was really good in that.. 👌👌👌

  • Gene V.
    12/11/2021 14:12

    Bollywood should take this talent instead of taking ananya panday and so called many more star kids talent...who does not even know how to do acting how to give expression still getting movies shame on Bollywood... And ofcourse do not watch starkids movies

  • Ahindrila M.
    11/11/2021 04:15

    U guys should watch Sadia Rind's YouTube videos... They both are very good friend...

  • Aaliya N.
    05/11/2021 14:48

    So proud of him ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shabina B.
    31/10/2021 10:32

    One of the saddest episodes- bless Ali. Lesson learned not to always be the nice guy- don’t trust anyone.

  • Marshall R.
    29/10/2021 10:50

    First I saw him on Sadia Rind's YouTube channel. He's very funny & entertaining.

  • Afsar A.
    26/10/2021 20:32

    Alli in pAkistan movie me eska rool hai

  • CHèll M.
    26/10/2021 18:58

    indian nga..

  • Dwaipayan S.
    26/10/2021 18:40

    Stay away from Bollywood where everything is tatti

  • Rajarshi P.
    26/10/2021 17:53

    A Hindu Brahmin playing a role of a Pakistani Muslim. Really shows how futile our sense of division is. Can be challenged by merely a change of name.

  • Banigro P.
    26/10/2021 17:30

    Beat from the sounds 🕹🔥💯

  • Samadrita S.
    26/10/2021 14:12

    Hitabrata Bhattacharya 😍

  • Inka L.
    24/10/2021 11:12

    "Home is Home" 🤍

  • Mohini M.
    24/10/2021 09:03


  • Faisal K.
    24/10/2021 08:54

    An Angevil watch this

  • Zooey P.
    24/10/2021 02:02

    He was amazing. I really hope not just Bollywood but even international film industry cast him.

  • Muntashir R.
    23/10/2021 14:02

    এই ক্যারেক্টার টা সেই লাগসে

  • Mamosa M.
    23/10/2021 11:18

    Plz watch my squid game parody video & if u like this video plz like my page 💜💜

  • Rose K.
    23/10/2021 06:53


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