The Face That Turns Heads

“The kids would start crying the moment they saw my face”. He was born with a facial disability but that didn’t stop him from becoming a social media star...

10/10/2021 16:27
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  • Priyanka B.
    14/10/2021 16:05

    Gud bhai koi tension nhi ap bhut ache ho

  • Farheen P.
    14/10/2021 02:00

    Good luck boy god bless u 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Anil S.
    13/10/2021 18:07

    Amazing job, keep it up, you are a star

  • Maya K.
    12/10/2021 19:47

    May Allah make it easy for you Aameen SumAameen

  • Ajit S.
    12/10/2021 02:14

    Unbelievable story of human courage and resilence.

  • Nabila S.
    11/10/2021 17:06

    Ur n Epitome of Inspiration💙💚💛🧡💜💝...Lots of love n blessings 💝💜🧡💛💚💙Also a real salute to ur brother who stands by u like a rock💪

  • Shubham Y.
    11/10/2021 10:42

    Sai hai bahi

  • Brijmohan G.
    11/10/2021 09:03

    Good job bhai ❤️

  • Brijmohan G.
    11/10/2021 09:02

    Supar bro 😎

  • Minded S.
    11/10/2021 08:34

    I'm big fan

  • Minded S.
    11/10/2021 08:33


  • Minded S.
    11/10/2021 08:33


  • Uday K.
    11/10/2021 06:31

    Salute to his family.., ppl should learn,..God pls help them with all the things 🙏🙏

  • Rajesh S.
    11/10/2021 05:54


  • Chandan S.
    11/10/2021 05:48

    Gjb bro

  • Chandan S.
    11/10/2021 05:48


  • Asha H.
    11/10/2021 04:55

    You are a very handsome young boy.... JUST KEEP IT UP YOUNG MAN... You have a great handsome brother with you so don't worry about evil people... GOD is with you and your loving brother... You are a very happy going guy always smiling.. I love your smile young man... GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS YOU AND YOUR HANDSOME BROTHER...

  • Ben Jackson
    11/10/2021 04:05

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  • Mrj R.
    11/10/2021 04:02

    Apana bhai hai

  • Urvashi B.
    11/10/2021 03:54

    Great!!!! God Bless in God and do what you want.... 🎉You are strong and inspiration to many 💐 Congratulations

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