The Life of Bollywood Leading Lady Parveen Babi

She was one of Bollywood's most glamorous, blockbusting stars. But her own life was marked by communal riots, broken hearts and mental illness... This is her riveting story.

09/01/2021 05:27
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729 commentaires

  • Sajad M.
    21 heures

    She was a good actresses

  • SoHnia R.
    2 jours

    Very true media made her image very negative

  • Priti R.
    2 jours

    Biographer is so annoying

  • Marushka S.
    3 jours

    It must be surely Mahesh bhatt that murdered her in a very cunning way

  • Nisha S.
    3 jours

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  • Dayton S.
    4 jours

    True. They must make a movie about this beautiful classic actress!

  • Ivy H.
    4 jours

    She did not deserve to die alone but then she should have chosen a partner who would be loyal to her.

  • Parul S.
    4 jours

    She might be right in her accusations and she must have known people are indeed plotting against her. This is an old habit of Bollywood to portray people schizophrenic or depressive, when they want to ruin someone or murder them. Who knows whatever she actually said might be true. Who knows if she was also given harsh drugs to prove that she isn't her right state of mind. Bollywood gutter can do that to anyone. May her soul rip

  • Dhondiyal S.
    5 jours

    I just love of my favourite actress..she was great a artist..

  • Susan B.
    5 jours

    Sad. Not been supported in her times of low . God Bless you.

  • Yoyophy H.
    5 jours

    She was born in wrong era. Born n gone too soon. 😔

  • Shantanu G.
    6 jours

    My favorite actress 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Minal A.
    6 jours

    Thanks Karishma for bringing the painful facts of life in public. I also remember her one of the prettiest actor of Bollywood and one who also had the most painful life.

  • Zainab Y.
    7 jours


  • Tanuja M.
    7 jours

    very sad i dont expect that

  • Alka K.
    22/02/2021 21:31

    Very sad

  • Meeta S.
    22/02/2021 17:47

    RIP Parveen Babi.

  • Joanne J.
    22/02/2021 02:56

    What a beautiful, sad lady

  • Ika A.
    21/02/2021 11:46

    Wow she looked like the Turkish actress Türkan Şoray 😳

  • Hooriya S.
    20/02/2021 23:29

    It’s a great loss for Bollywood.Very sad.

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