Quad Amputee Turns Bronze Medalist


Shalini Saraswathi lost all her limbs to a bacterial infection. But she was not letting it get in the way of her winning in life.

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Porn-Watching Through The Roof During Covid-19


Indians consumed up to 95% more porn than usual recently. Can you guess why? 👀

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Chandigarh’s Covid Taxis


So you think you have Covid and want to go out get tested. Which cab service do you call? 🚕 🧐

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What’s Inside These Bamboo Stems?


These bamboo stems are not as innocent as they look. 👀

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Three Reasons Why India’s Covid Numbers Are Rising


India is soon expected to overtake the US and become the country with the highest Covid-19 caseload. The recent surge in infections can be linked to these three factors...

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Kafeel Khan's Long Road To Freedom


Dr. Kafeel Khan, face of the Gorakhpur oxygen tragedy, alleges he was tortured by UP police and incarcerated in nightmarish conditions. He spoke to Brut about what he now wants from his state government.

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BJP Vs. Congress On Modi's Pandemic Response


Is PM Modi's handling of the pandemic above reproach? BJP's JP Nadda Vs. Congress Party's Randeep Singh Surjewala... ⚡️

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The Journey From Infosys To Owning A Restaurant Chain


She left a prestigious job at Infosys to cook Maharashtrian vegetarian food. And it all started when her husband was in Paris and hungry…

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WHO Raises Alarm On Future Pandemics


What if the world is struck by yet another pandemic? This is how the chief of WHO cautioned member states...

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How The Transparent Butterfly Protects Itself


It’s nicknamed the "little mirror" from the forests of South America. But for this butterfly, this extraordinary appearance is a simple matter of survival. Meet the Greta oto.

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