Sonali Bendre On Fighting Cancer

Sonali Bendre opens up about why she chose to go to the US for her cancer treatment.

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The Story Of Party Symbols Tells Us Something Important About India

Nowhere in the world is there such an amazing history of election symbols as in India! 👏

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Lost In Translation: Rahul Gandhi Struggles To Be Heard In South India

This hilarious exchange between Rahul Gandhi and his translator will leave you in splits 🤣🤣🤣

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Sidhu Roasts Modi’s Chowkidar Campaign

Navjot Sidhu may have hit Narendra Modi’s chowkidar campaign for a rhetorical six. But the pinch-hitting could well get him out eventually. 😣

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Where Is Hema Malini Headed On A Tractor?

Bollywood’s Dream Girl was photographed sowing the seeds for a second Lok Sabha win. But her most recent Parliament stint wasn’t exactly a harvest. 🚜😐

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The Hidden Story of Notre Dame Cathedral

The French Ambassador to India said he was "deeply moved" by the solidarity showed by Indians after a roaring fire ravaged the Notre Dame church in Paris. Here is the surprising history of the monument that has enthralled visitors for centuries.

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MNS Workers Thrash Mumbai Man

MNS workers thrashed a Mumbai man for calling Raj Thackeray an anti-national. Guess who got booked by the police? 👀

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Modi Reminds Voters Of Balakot Yet Again

Oops, he did it again. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded voters of the air strike on Pakistan at a campaign rally in Chhattisgarh.

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India's First-Time Voters Can Learn Much From India's First-Ever Voter

Watch this 102-year-old man set an example for India's young voters and show them what it means to be a dutiful citizen. ✅

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Why Millions Of Women In India Can't Vote

Why are some women not allowed to vote by their families? Because it could hurt their marriage prospects. 😷

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