Whale Shark Saved By Divers


This huge whale shark was caught in a rope, but two diving instructors rushed to help it. Here's the footage of this incredible encounter.

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Covid-19 Deaths Overburden Delhi's Funeral Grounds


Delhi's crematoriums and graveyards have been stretched thin by the recent spike in Covid deaths. Many families failed to perform the last rites. 😔😔

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The Understated Wisdom Of Sushant Singh Rajput


“The biggest lie was… money plus recognition is equal to happiness.” Back in 2016, Sushant Singh Rajput shared his life story with a group of students at IIT Bombay. He was clearly more than just a talented actor. Thank you, Avenues SJMSOM, IIT Bombay, for the footage.

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Indian American Cheered Amid Anti-Racism Protests


“They weren’t just strangers to me.” Rahul Dubey let 60 protestors spend a night at his home after the Washington police cracked down on a George Floyd demonstration.

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The Growing Influence Of Korean Culture In India


Young Indians now stan everything Korean.

Stop Saying This If You Care About Black Lives


An Afro-Indian actor living in Mumbai for 33 years, Peter Muxka Manuel lists the 5 things you don't say if you're not a racist.

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Speaking Out About Child Sexual Abuse


"I'm not ashamed of saying that 'Okay, I was abused.'" Lokesh Pawar is a survivor, and he wears that badge proudly to help others everywhere.

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The Euthanasia Hungry Couple From Mumbai


In their 80s, they are a perfect couple. But both of them want to die.

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Makeup And Masculinity Can Survive Together


Man and makeup. Made for each other. Ankush Bahuguna tells you how. 👀😎

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Comedian Trashes India's Fair Skin Obsession


Stand-up comic @JestSaikiran's dissection of India's obsession with fairness is not just skin-deep.

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