Make Way For Khiladi No. 1

India's Khiladi No.1 is part of a select club of superheroes that includes Thor and Iron Man. 🤑

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Imran Khan Wants To Become “Kashmir’s Ambassador”

Soon after Narendra Modi rejected Donald Trump’s offer to mediate on Kashmir by shaking his hand, Imran Khan let out this cold warning.

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There’s Too Much Salt In This Mid-Day Meal

This mid-day meal at a UP school will make you gulp a glass of water. 😷

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3 Key Points From The Modi and Trump Meeting on Kashmir

US President Donald Trump has suggested multiples times that he could negotiate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. But when he met Prime Minister Modi in person, he seemed to have changed his mind.

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Shehla Rashid Willing To Depose Before Indian Army

This political activist refused to back down after accusing the Indian army of committing excesses in Kashmir.

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Noises Driving You Mad? You May Have Misophonia

Slurping. Tapping. Crunching. If these noises make you cringe, you're not alone. You may have a little-understood condition called misophonia. 🤯😱😭

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Rahul Gandhi And Co Sent Back From Srinagar Airport

Rahul Gandhi wasn’t pleased when his latest trip to Srinagar turned out to be his shortest.

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Now Serving: Hi-Tech Indian Food

Could this robot change the future of Indian cooking? 🤖 🥘

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Srinagar’s Soura Area Fends Off Security Forces

After security forces locked down their city, the locals of this Srinagar neighbourhood locked them out.

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India’s Tallest Man Finds Love Out of Reach

At 8 feet 1 inches, he is among the world’s four tallest men but he is struggling to find a girl to marry.

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