Karnataka's Orange Seller Wins Padma Shri

Why did this Karnataka fruit-seller win a prestigious civilian award? 👏👏👏

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Basant Panchami At Hazrat Nizamuddin

Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin dargah was awash with the colours of spring on Basant Panchami.

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A Solution For All Procrastinators

How to stop procrastinating now, not later. 😏😏

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Intimacy Coordinator On Sex Education

Watching Netflix’s Sex Education? Here’s how the show choreographs its sex scenes while keeping it a safe environment for the actors.

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TBT: The Cremation Of Mahatma Gandhi

“Grief was everywhere, for the whole land was in mourning...” when Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. #TBT

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Kunal Kamra VS Arnab Goswami In Full Flight

Kunal Kamra has been grounded. But will the flying ban fly?

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The Life of Gandhi's Killer

On this day 72 years ago, he fired three bullets that changed the course of history. But did you know Gandhi's assassin was addicted to coffee, used to dress as a girl and even gave speeches at Congress meetings?

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An Interview With Indian Student Stuck In Wuhan

Cooped up in her room in Wuhan, Monica Sethuraman says she could run out of supplies in two weeks if things don’t improve in China. The PhD student spoke to Brut India about being caught at the centre of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

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Websites To Apps: How Online Dating Got Gamified

From younger, faster and slicker, the online dating revolution is also turning bigger and badder. Swipe right?

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Rahul Gandhi Reminds PM Modi Of India's Economic Woes

“Narendra Modi doesn’t understand economics.” Rahul Gandhi was back attacking the Prime Minister on economy and jobs amid speculation that he could soon return as Congress president.

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