To Be “Sanskaari” Or Not To Be?


When a small-town girl moves to a big city, her relatives often tell her to remember her "sanskaar". But what does she really want? 🤷 Thanks to Tape A Tale for the footage.

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Crime Rate Rising? Try Some Gangajal


An Uttar Pradesh cop claims that sprinkling Gangajal and applying a sandalwood teeka has improved law and order in his area...

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The Mother Who's Taking On A Chief Minister


Bhagyavathi's children were found dead in their house in 2017. Four years later, she is contesting against Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan in his stronghold. All for her daughters, she says...

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Remember Lola Kutty?


Former VJ Anu Menon won hearts as the madcap Lola Kutty. Here's what she is up to now... 🎤

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A Wild Snake Chase In An Apt Complex


Who wins in a snake versus human race? This animal rescuer found out in an unexpected chase.

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Four MMA Moves You Can Do


Learn four go-to self defence moves from mixed martial arts trainer Siddharth Singh, founder of the Crosstrain Fight Club.

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An Indian Teen's Plea For The Planet


"I earnestly appeal to you to include climate education as a compulsory section." Aditya Mukarji is a 17-year-old climate activist. Watch his message to Prime Minister Modi.

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The Robot Who Befriended A Scared Stray


This dog’s best and only friend is a robot. 🤗

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Mamata And Modi's Spat At Netaji's Birthday


"Inviting someone only to disrespect them is rather distasteful." So what if the PM was around, Mamata Banerjee wasn’t going to stand any “politics” at Netaji event.

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The Wild Cat You May Never See


Have you ever seen a caracal? Soon, you may not be able to. Some experts believe this beautiful creature is on the verge of extinction in India.

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