Doctor Calmly Explains COVID-19 To His Waiting Room


Listen to a calm expert's voice on the coronavirus. This is Dr. Anshul Varshney describing which symptoms to watch out for specifically. 🌡

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The Gaumutra Drinking Party


While doctors say large crowds should be avoided, this Hindu fringe group hosted 200 people at a Gaumutra Party to ward off coronavirus. 😑 😑

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Opposition Leaders Vs Amit Shah On Delhi Riots


Opposition leaders accused Amit Shah of staying silent on the Delhi riots. This is how the Home Minister explained his actions.

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Fake Hand Sanitisers Seized In Gurugram


The coronavirus alarm is sending hand sanitisers flying off the shelves. In Gurugram, someone decided to start a fake sanitiser factory. 😲😲

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Young Boy Dodges Death On Railway Track


This guy found a heart-pumping escape route when he saw a train speeding towards him.

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Danish Man Finds His Way Back to His Birth-giver.


Separated as a toddler, this Danish man finds his Indian mum after 40 years. Take the time to discover this touching journey to the end.

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How To Help A Loved One Through Depression


Know someone who is depressed? Here is how you can help them cope.

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Man's Best Friend - Animals


These animals help the elderly get a new lease of life. 🐇👴

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Boards Are Just The Beginning


School’s Out: He got a perfect score in his Class 10 and Class 12. But the real test for Aritra Roy Chaudhary began after his boards.

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What Are Super-spreaders?


They may not have experienced any symptoms yet, but they're quickly spreading the coronavirus more than others. Here, a doctor explains more about so-called super-spreaders.

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