Edible Cutlery Company Helps Reduce Plastic Waste Problem One Spoonful At A Time

Eco-friendly scoop: This Telangana company makes edible cutlery.

26/03/2018 9:35 AM
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  • Syed A.
    13/09/2018 12:40

    can i have the valid contact details of this edible cutlery supplier

  • Amit S.
    22/04/2018 06:55

    That wasnt a fork for gawwdd sakes. And it looks poopy.

  • Hassan M.
    16/04/2018 11:11

    idea bhai

  • Kashmira C.
    31/03/2018 15:47

    Brilliant as it sounds, I am skeptical. Obviously, they have added a lot of stabilisers n additives to give it a three-year shelf life so long as it is not removed from its "plastic" packaging. So how healthy is that? Even if biodegradable packaging is used, how healthy is that. Won't that packaging material start to rot while still on shelf with the contents not consumed yet? Statements are so contradictory. Will decompose in a fortnight but biodegradable material which is open to the environment won't decompose on shelf.

  • Ritwik B.
    31/03/2018 12:12

    Who buys them ? guys do you know?

  • Sonika S.
    29/03/2018 04:05

    Gajab hi h

  • Sarosh K.
    27/03/2018 15:31

    Vishwateja Bodla

  • Pradnya K.
    27/03/2018 09:52

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  • Mohammed R.
    27/03/2018 09:43

    Keep up the good job

  • Mohammed R.
    27/03/2018 09:43


  • Smita R.
    27/03/2018 09:36

    bhaiya, This sounds like what you were looking for.

  • Ronit S.
    27/03/2018 09:35

    tere shadi mein yahi dunga tujhe 😂

  • Gowri G.
    27/03/2018 09:29

    Super spoons. But one question. ..the packing material is biodegradable also?

  • Priya P.
    27/03/2018 09:10

    Good one...... But aren't we wasting food which could serve the needy?

  • Nihar S.
    27/03/2018 09:05


  • Ravdeep S.
    27/03/2018 09:05

    Aaaaannnddd then Apple CEO says INDIANS ARE NOT CREATIVE *smh*

  • Jeel S.
    27/03/2018 08:36

    Use steel instead... one time investment for using often.. nothing can replace steel utensils.

  • Vivek M.
    27/03/2018 08:25

  • Sachin J.
    27/03/2018 08:09

    Priyanshu Jain

  • Aparna V.
    27/03/2018 08:08

    Alekhya Tripura that's my uncle and I'm not kidding

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