Price to Pay With Sexual Harassment At Work

India could achieve double-digit growth if it eliminated hurdles for women in the workplace.

21/05/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Rajesh S.
    14/08/2018 03:01

    Nice looking

  • Anurag Y.
    11/08/2018 02:58

    Stop making fucking excuses for your failure, harassment at workplace should be easiest to deal with.

  • Dañial K.
    10/08/2018 18:49

    Strict laws are there in the constitution against these problems but the thing is the police the higher authority have to frequently check whats happening with these fellow working women at their work place on the way home or to the job... if the police wakes up then i think many problems will be solved through this.

  • Manisha P.
    20/07/2018 15:02

    It is a view point to be pondered and adhered to. 50% of population is women a human resource untapped and I find nothing wrong with the survey. The woman stay at home to do the work which is not paid for so that the men and their families are pampered. So it is logical that if protected India can utilize them to achieve growth. Why are woman just seen as objects of pleasure? I like the survey as it if implemented will empower the women which is making the male insecure. Grow up, let the female energy flow that will be the real tribute to the power of the Shakti, not just doing only Puja

  • विशाल स.
    07/06/2018 04:50

    Mentality my friend Mentality... It all about how you r brought up by our parents

  • Rohan N.
    05/06/2018 06:24 aware in proffesional life plzz🙄🙄

  • Latika G.
    05/06/2018 01:04

    The ugly side of the corporate world !!

  • Ankur S.
    04/06/2018 22:32

    .. see this...

  • Tarun M.
    03/06/2018 13:39

    All corporates pay women and men equally. It's in industries like construction where women workers are paid lesser. Which in turn depends on the contractors who also have to abide to laws and pay both sexes equally. The issue of inequality in wages have gone. Focus on other issues now. There are many, I'm sure.

  • Abhisek C.
    03/06/2018 12:46

    Actually India could be developed if india kickout these fake feminist, sickulars, stupif leftist, and all those homo sapiens who use minority and dalit for their own gain.Just kick them out.....

  • Ruppy S.
    03/06/2018 11:59


  • Dipesh R.
    02/06/2018 21:58

    Women belong in the kitchen and nowhere else. They are dishwashers and nothing else

  • Harsha V.
    02/06/2018 18:10

    DNT bring culture for that. According Indian culture women saves more than she get as a family holder. Whatever USA says that's all trash. It's. A survey but not truth

  • Rachita S.
    02/06/2018 17:49

    worst is when you think of the office all the time and that you have to go there again..this should stop.... in some or the other way men are creating hindrances for the women employee.. women either have to leave the job or suffer because they need economic support.. its just because the no. of male employees in office is more.. and it should change..

  • Kashiv R.
    02/06/2018 17:27

    Ok so u mean go hell with guys coz they are not needed at all for GDP 🤣🤣🤣. What stupid study. Stop stupid reasons to support feminism.

  • Thrishul K.
    01/06/2018 11:11


  • Satyanarayan B.
    01/06/2018 07:57


  • Meraj A.
    31/05/2018 18:03


  • Dharma G.
    31/05/2018 16:50

    Because of our old outdated typical culture. 95% educated rural women’s are doing nothing after marriage except cooking.

  • Meenu B.
    31/05/2018 14:18

    Nice video some womans are dependable proved her self powerful and bold

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