TBT: Jaitley On Judges' Post-Retirement

“The temptation of occupying a Lutyens' bungalow for a retiring judge is a serious temptation.” Straight-shooter Arun Jaitley was in the opposition when he spoke about the dangers of post-retirement desires affecting pre-retirement verdicts. #tbt

27/08/2020 5:27 AM
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  • Joseph I.
    02/09/2020 09:52

    Good timing!

  • Chaman L.
    01/09/2020 14:40

    Most relevant in the present scenario

  • Jiten S.
    31/08/2020 15:11

    I am agreed with Jaitley Ji😂😂

  • Raveendran P.
    31/08/2020 07:02

    BJP made it clear that post retirement appointment if Gogoi for the favourable verdicts he made during his tenure like Ayodhya case, Raphael corruption case are self explanatory

  • Harry B.
    30/08/2020 16:36

    Gaandu tha saala mar gaya

  • Yogesh B.
    30/08/2020 12:43

    - not only in judiciary it's happening all over...... look around - includi ng the dairyboard - while young qualified/competent professionals are hunting for jobs post retired officials are re-appointed as if there's dearth of talent......that's what's explained as a reason by one of the national boards while they were quizzed by the govt, audit & the press.......Jai Hind 🇮🇳

  • Ahmad N.
    30/08/2020 03:39

    Ranjan gogoi tasted the fruits of prejudgement verdicts and the present govt blamed Nehru for his nomination to upper house . Arunjately was remembered while Gogoi took the oath.

  • Larmo K.
    29/08/2020 13:34

    Talk more work less person. He was a pessimist person. Once he said his favourite opposition leader whom he respect most was Pranab Mukherji. Who is not talk too much like Manmohan Singh. Inspire ignoring many other Congress great leaders. It seems no respect for oppositions.

  • Pradeep N.
    29/08/2020 12:33

    Hez a prophet! Sathasivam ( governor of kerala), rajan gogoi ( mp ) and now bobde ( may be next law minister )

  • Vinay K.
    29/08/2020 11:44

    I agree ☝🏻, but need to remember “charity begins at home”

  • Harjot S.
    29/08/2020 11:00

    Ranjan Gogoi’s judgements were influenced with Rajya Sabha’s seat 😂😂

  • Balraj J.
    29/08/2020 09:58

    Why was this guy not prosecuted like prashanty bhusan ?

  • Joseph A.
    29/08/2020 07:05


  • Naman N.
    28/08/2020 20:24


  • K R.
    28/08/2020 19:51

    Becoming a Rajya Sabha MP is a job??!!

  • Nikhil P.
    28/08/2020 17:55

    U guyz gt favour judgements in CAA , kashmir issue , babri masjid case etc frm supremcourt without any fair trial... Gogoi helpd bjp without any hesitation n he gt MP seat .. now u guys making him as Assam CM ..... hypocrisy ka bhii koiii seema hoti he

  • Sudhir K.
    28/08/2020 17:45

    Jaya Shewa

  • Madhurpreet S.
    28/08/2020 13:59

    The man who destroyed economy. Fuck u in heaven.

  • Subash C.
    28/08/2020 11:12

    Dude u guys literally profiled judges, meddled in appointments, allegedly killed a judge ( loya), gave one a rajya sabha seat, transferred one when he asked the cops to file FIRs against rioters.... wow heard of something called conscience

  • Abdul T.
    28/08/2020 10:00

    His party preaches something and does the opposite...they are all liars and he was no exception...

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