• Manjushree S.
    11/05/2020 11:28


  • Seema J.
    31/07/2019 08:42

    Faaltu Bakwaas craw na airlines

  • Seema J.
    31/07/2019 08:38


  • Seema J.
    31/07/2019 08:36

    Love love love love

  • Walter W.
    30/07/2019 07:21

    Bhai yeh video Dekh apan ko Lagta he sirf apun he lit hee but yeh toh apun Ka bhi baap nikla bakchodi me

  • Shyamal G.
    29/07/2019 02:10

    Dear Brut. you have shown the negative side of Air India. Where are the positive sides of it ? Do you have the answer? I don't think so. Because you guys lives in a negative aura. U must add some positivity to this hell lot of negative video.

  • Chandrima M.
    28/07/2019 18:41

    I no like Airindia ..

  • Aditi K.
    28/07/2019 08:16

    well this isn't that bad... I'll fly Air India ab se

  • Bikash B.
    27/07/2019 18:24

    an the news media of the decade goes to brut !!! :D

  • Paurush B.
    27/07/2019 15:34

    6th incident lagta hai mere saath hi hua tha Sikkim wala

  • Aniruddha S.
    27/07/2019 10:36

    That's a propaganda.... Bs. Some if you can afford, travel

  • Adakho D.
    27/07/2019 07:03

    As it is one of it’s India’s prior Airlines but not better then others. Look some of the other airlines like Qatar Airlines, Emirates Airlines, British Airlines etc. They have it’s own priority as they represent for their own country. I didn’t look down it’s service but it is time to grow ourselves. We’re not in the history but we’re living in the modern world n to be futures.

  • Adakho D.
    27/07/2019 06:56

    Air India slogan: Warm welcome & motherly treatment. Warm bcos AC doesn’t work properly & Motherly treatment bcos all air hostesses were above 50 years of their ages🤪 Thank you Air India Airlines.

  • GN A.
    27/07/2019 04:53

    Anshul Singhal

  • Saurav D.
    26/07/2019 19:51

    Air india beep...............

  • Sanuu M.
    26/07/2019 18:39

    worst airliner

  • Dipen S.
    26/07/2019 05:36

    Worst Airlines

  • Vishnu N.
    25/07/2019 18:25

    Albin Rajan Kochuparambil

  • Maha R.
    25/07/2019 13:57

    So now as per new Borne Indian policies ..have to hand over the aviation to jio airlines is it the Moto..... No one except Dr APJ Kalam cleared fare from 1997..... Clera ur dues it will grow

  • Yash S.
    24/07/2019 23:25

    aasha hai ki aapki yaatra sukhad rahegi

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