Taapsee Pannu Shuts Down Troll In The Audience

“You’re a Hindi actor, speak in Hindi.” This impudent demand triggered an equally stinging reply from quick-on-her-feet Taapsee Pannu

11/25/2019 11:15 AMupdated: 11/28/2019 11:58 AM
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  • David I.
    4 hours

    Beauty with brain.... Awesome reply

  • Sophie G.
    6 hours

    i am in love

  • Svee R.
    6 hours

    Bravo Ms Tapsee👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Kapno B.
    12 hours

    That guy said " INGLISS" 😂

  • Rameesh T.
    13 hours

    He is cowdung for sure...😂😂

  • Puja S.
    16 hours

    Waaah.. Hind me rehte hai pr Hindi bas films me bolte hai.. Fashion me itna bhi mat badlo ki hindi movie koi na dekhe tumhari

  • Balkrishna P.
    16 hours

    Oversmartness can be harmful to health Mister!! 🤣🤣

  • Rahman R.
    19 hours

    Tapsee u r amazing boldlady .... stunning reply

  • Richi S.
    a day

    good one

  • Vaishnavi K.
    a day

  • Abel G.
    a day

    Dumb people everywhere in this world

  • Mayur M.
    a day

    Deeekhead ! Aukaat nahi , contribution nahi ! aa gaya jhanda leke lehen ka boda

  • Rio R.
    a day

    Great answer

  • Amlan R.
    a day

    Great reply

  • Anil S.
    a day

    Absolutely massive

  • Kandha
    a day

    செருப்படி இந்திக்கு

  • Jason M.
    a day

    The people who wants tapsi to speak in hindi, want their children to go to English medium schools to learn english. Level of hypocrisy infinite...

  • Hardeep S.
    2 days

    dimag bht h eska

  • Shereza D.
    2 days

    Great 👍

  • Darshan B.
    2 days

    Love from punjab punjabi