Taapsee Pannu Shuts Down Troll In The Audience

“You’re a Hindi actor, speak in Hindi.” This impudent demand triggered an equally stinging reply from quick-on-her-feet Taapsee Pannu

11/25/2019 11:15 AMupdated: 11/28/2019 11:58 AM
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  • Jenny R.
    3 days

    What? You mean I’m only going to be looked after as long as young and beautiful and preferably wealthy as well. After that you will kill me slowly by starvation or even torture me to death because you can’t stand having me around like that or something.

  • Shoshana C.
    3 days

    I stan this so much

  • Jason J.
    4 days

    She looks a lot like the girl from clueless. Brittany Murphy

  • Tricia K.
    4 days

    I loved the way she replied to the rude intruder. The fucking dude could have waited. He seem like was the only one that was asking the actress to speak in hindi. He could have asked politely. But he just cuts through her interview. This man was a coward, I bet if it was an Male actor. He wouldn't have done this. Get the security and get him the fuck out.🤬

  • Sherifah R.
    4 days

    The nationalist toxic mindset is spreading is sick tentacles 🐙 everywhere. Now men feel so empowered by its success that they boldly tell Female stars what language to speak on an international stage!! Wow

  • Ronnie F.
    4 days

    Talented, beautiful and smart!

  • Chile P.
    4 days

    What a jerk trying to get his five minutes. Feel the 🔥 hahahaha

  • Walid A.
    4 days

    The guy says "to why inglees in india"

  • Stella F.
    4 days

    Men Mansplaining Mansplaining

  • Lirio N.
    4 days

    That was international hindi... INTERNATIONAL... If she speaks any language, it's up to her..

  • Kris T.
    5 days

    Typical rude male.

  • Geo F.
    5 days

    Good on ya Sister!

  • Stephanie L.
    5 days

    I love her

  • Elizabeth M.
    5 days

    idk who she is but she checked his ass 👏🏻 👏🏻

  • Katherine C.
    6 days

    She could speak whatever language she fucking wants!! If she is comfortable speaking English then great and same with Hindi. But all because she got started from Hindi movies and is in India doesn’t mean she is obligated to speak Hindi.

  • Jason B.
    6 days

    I love her reply very articulate and respectful to all who are watching international film videos

  • Sam K.
    7 days

    Hindi is India national language ,Taapsee have some respect for Hindi language

  • Huong J.
    04/03/2020 15:38

    This is giving me “speak English we’re in America” vibes lmao

  • Keshav V.
    04/03/2020 15:29

    your fav

  • Ko'en B.
    04/03/2020 04:37

    Doea she not look a lot like Britney Murphy?