This Temple Serves Mouth-Watering Prasad

A temple in Madurai has been treating its devotees to delicious prasad on the two-day Muniyandi festival for years. 🍗😋

01/02/2019 1:33 AM
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  • Madhavi S.
    13/01/2020 20:27

    Usha this is first time I am hearing and that too from a person not living in India did u visit Madurai?

  • Anish P.
    12/01/2020 22:17

    I wish this festival was celebrated all year round. I would pitch my tent near this temple.

  • Hitesh A.
    12/01/2020 07:31

    If want to consume meat, do it, but doing it in the name of gods, beliefs and culture is just utter nonsense and a sign of corrupt mindset. I don't think, if there is any sane God, it would like its creation to be killed to be distributed as PRASAAD!!

  • Sujan B.
    12/01/2020 02:32

    We bengali offers chag ki meat during kalipujo as *Pradad. Explore east and south. Its beautiful its diverse

  • Usha S.
    11/01/2020 20:46 did we miss this temple? I'd be front of line 😉

  • Preeti G.
    11/01/2020 07:16

    Wow so nice brut .. chicken leg .. for prasad icon

  • Vinod V.
    10/01/2020 20:49

    1947 मे बी एक कन्नैया कुमार था.. must watch full video....बाद मे क्या हुवा ❓️ very importent video...... &share

  • பரணி ப.
    10/01/2020 17:33

    This is not an unusual. Except Brahmanised Temples, all the other temples offer Non-veg Prasad.

  • Santosh K.
    10/01/2020 16:05

    This temple was also destroyed like Ayodhya. Read once.

  • Abhijeet J.
    10/01/2020 15:37

    need to visit this place soon😝

  • Mohit S.
    10/01/2020 14:12

    If any God is satisfied by animal killing or sacrifice I will spent my whole life fighting that God. Religion nhi ye cult hai.

  • Ammar M.
    10/01/2020 13:59

    Wow Beef Biryani wah amazing 😋👍

  • Rajat B.
    10/01/2020 13:39

    Non-veg foods are also offered to godess kali too.

  • Jero M.
    10/01/2020 13:18

    This is actual tradition of Tamilians

  • Naveen K.
    10/01/2020 12:49

    Ghar aana

  • Shashwata B.
    10/01/2020 12:39


  • Pankaj S.
    10/01/2020 12:24

    Hinduism culture is unique

  • Asim F.
    10/01/2020 12:16


  • Priya S.
    10/01/2020 12:01

    This is what Hinduism is all about : generosity and love

  • Barbara P.
    10/01/2020 11:53

    Brut always gives the facts , and facts are always useful even if some do not like to be faced with facts. Keep it up Brut!

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