This Temple Serves Mouth-Watering Prasad

A temple in Madurai has been treating its devotees to delicious prasad on the two-day Muniyandi festival for years. 🍗😋

02/01/2019 1:33 AM
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  • Sovit C.
    02/01/2019 01:40

    Non veg biryani in a temple. Are u fucking nuts. New propaganda huh brut?

  • HISIS -.
    02/01/2019 01:44

    Nothing surprising. Vegetarian, Hindi speaking Hindu is RSS/BJP propaganda. [1] Ramayan mentions Ram and Sita consuming and enjoying deer meat. [2] Brahadyanaka Upanishad recommends beef with ghee rice for a illustrious son to be born [3] Atharva Veda lists goat, horse, bullock etc as food. [4] Charaka Samhita (ayurveda text) recommends meat, seafood based on seasons etc. etc. See: #MeatyDharma

  • Gouthem M.
    02/01/2019 01:46

    adutha trip enga nu mudivu panniyachu

  • Balaji I.
    02/01/2019 01:55

    That ain't prasadam you dumb fools... It's called "படையல்" offering in tamil.. Don't bring those vadakku shit down south....

  • Suraj K.
    02/01/2019 01:59

    ja kar aa puja

  • Ajit G.
    02/01/2019 02:03

    It's all the funda to run those temples and manage more crowd . Human nature wants every thing free.

  • Vishwanathan A.
    02/01/2019 02:12

    Dei Vadakkus ..eriyutha eriyatum!

  • Venkatesh P.
    02/01/2019 02:14

    Brute , Anything wrong with that ?

  • Jeet K.
    02/01/2019 02:16

    is this what I heard is correct

  • Veerendra H.
    02/01/2019 02:25

    Non veg offering as prasadam is really foolishness. Truth is if in case God was supposed to eat what we had offered then we humans would not even given him rotten meat is all drama and religion in the name of God we eat and enjoy . It is very simple and straight forward, human beings are more intellectual that all other animals for only one reason is to protect and uphold the nature's gift not to destroy and eat every creature. Instead of doing this show off all the devootees can sum up the funds and use the same for old temple renovation,help poor children, provide medical help to poor animals and poor people do which God will be much pleased instead of killing innocent animal's

  • Gayatri B.
    02/01/2019 02:41


  • Naresh K.
    02/01/2019 02:51

    Nonveg as prasada .......bastered

  • Wang D.
    02/01/2019 02:54

    Thug temples 😳😃🤩🤔😋

  • Praba K.
    02/01/2019 03:00

    This is Tamilnadu brothers. Our tradition and way of life is totally different from rest of India.. We never follow your Vedas or Ram sita things.. Our language and way of life is older than yours.. So don't try to force Aryan way of Hinduism on us..

  • Vishwanathan A.
    02/01/2019 03:15

    read out the comments . Northies getting stomach burns

  • Agarwal S.
    02/01/2019 03:32

    You are right admin... Because we don't consider it as 'HARAAM'....(हराम)

  • Dilliram C.
    02/01/2019 03:39

    This conspiracy is going on for long to malign Hinduism. There is no mention of non veg offering in the vedic time.

  • Francis M.
    02/01/2019 04:03

    Stupidity never put an end as along as idiots are there !!!!!

  • Arunvijay P.
    02/01/2019 04:15

    Ignorant minds at work, those who don’t have any knowledge on the customs n practice jump in and comment... these are keyboard ⌨️ brains 🧠 who have not seen or travelled anywhere... mummy mummy he is fighting is their mantra... take it or leave it, traditions will continue, it will always surprise u if ur ignorant of the fact.. I was also surprised when I went to Delhi to see that people wear their shoes inside the house... later I understand why so.. better come down n have Biryani with Bovento rather than judging in a keyboard... Hari OM

  • Rajan V.
    02/01/2019 04:22

    Which Place maama ?