• Mohammad A.
    22/05/2021 22:08


  • Avipriti R.
    11/05/2021 06:29

    being a gen z i can proudly claim that no one tops shaan kk ar rahman and all those from the early 2000s and 2010s. Music today, both bollywood and abroad is shit

  • Shin N.
    22/04/2021 08:56

    The way he explained today's music scenario was impressive👌

  • Heena G.
    21/04/2021 13:00

    Love you forever Shaan💓💓💓

  • Sayanta
    21/04/2021 12:29

    90's music was far better than now a days

  • AJ A.
    20/04/2021 09:15

    And my frnds r asking me who is he? Anyway im still a die hard fan of him

  • ArpitRavi C.
    20/04/2021 08:57

    I still like him and his song❤️

  • Rinki P.
    20/04/2021 02:59

    90s kids are still alive, make music for us..

  • Prachi K.
    19/04/2021 21:22

    Still love all his songs. Evergreen ❤️

  • Anusha T.
    19/04/2021 20:38

    His songs are love even today...❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rahul B.
    19/04/2021 17:10

    When we watch OTT suspense or thriller series, song is the last thing we want to hear.

  • Sitakanta M.
    19/04/2021 13:35

    Shaan you and your creations are all time favorite... Thanks

  • Fatema A.
    19/04/2021 10:46

    looks like we have been categorized as his die hard fans! Ki humble dekho. :’) 🌸

  • Raghuram B.
    19/04/2021 10:37

    This fellow has an near resemblance to an South Indian singer, classical and general, Vijaya Prakash...the voice too resembles..

  • Dipannita D.
    19/04/2021 10:12

    Today's music has no soul. I hate them, 80's, 90s music is always in our hearts. And, I think everyone will agree who love music

  • Pooja V.
    19/04/2021 09:38

    Which bunch of consumers? The ones who listen to shit? Please cater to us. GenX GenZ or whatever. We crave for Shaan-Sonu-KK ❤ Please come back.

  • Jasmine S.
    19/04/2021 09:35

    He is still amazing as before. He made our days lovely ❤️you Shaan.

  • Parvathy M.
    19/04/2021 09:21


  • Shweta A.
    19/04/2021 08:42

    We listen shaan's voice daily as he gave his voice to indore waste management campaign and it is daily running on waste collection vehicle. So for indoris shaan voice is alive.

  • J C.
    19/04/2021 08:40

    No need to change your genre , we love the Old Shaan

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