Activist Offers Surprising Solutions To Help Abused Children

An activist who has long advocated for child rights tells Brut India why she doesn't think that death penalty for rapists is the answer.

28/04/2018 2:30 AM
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  • Harish S.
    15/05/2018 16:15

    Do you guys have any sense of co-relation, contextual comprehension, logical reasoning? 1) you mix accused with victim seamlessly 2) you defend accused using threat impact to victims. 3) you pass judgements on cases of accused when they are not caught red handed, but defend accused who are caught red handed because they are of special community. 4) you call demand for cbi as acquittal demand.

  • Brut India
    15/05/2018 12:07

    This activist predicted that rape victims would be killed to “get rid of the evidence”. Is that what happened in these recent cases?

  • Balwinder J.
    05/05/2018 01:46

    Nipun Bhalla

  • Shah A.
    04/05/2018 20:54

    Illogical argument and what you are calling the mob are actually citizens of the Country & Yes the government is supposed to concider outcry of the Citizens , It is a new thing called Democracy.

  • Rahul M.
    04/05/2018 18:50

    @brutindia why don't you change your name to Brut Congress ! Why do we need to listen which xyz social activist said what ! Sponsored ad media perter of Congress

  • Aslam S.
    04/05/2018 18:49

    I agree with the matter that victim has go on through lot of hardship to get justice and has new laws has to be made on that matter but really these guys opposing capital punishments is great stupidity. Our country is becoming a place where women's are not save and capital punishments for rape cases is necessary which can give a considerable result in short period

  • Hobibar R.
    04/05/2018 18:20


  • Amit S.
    04/05/2018 17:32

    How u can defend a rapist no humanity should be shown to those who cant respect girl or woman

  • Ravi A.
    04/05/2018 16:53

    Budhi bhrast hogayi bekar ki kitab padh ke

  • Umashankar H.
    04/05/2018 16:43

    *Mahatma Gandhi's great grandson Shri Krishna Kulkarni's open letter to Rahul Gandhi in response to the Congress VP saying the RSS had killed Gandhi..* Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Gandhiji was my great grandfather. He was assassinated by Mr. Nathuram Godse. Many inquiry commissions have researched the case and none has implicated the RSS. My grandfather Ramdas Gandhi wrote to the then Home Minister, Sardar Patel to spare Mr. Godse the capital punishment. Our family had moved on even then... but...just for your information..when Ramdas Gandhi lay dying in Mumbai (1969), Mr. Gopal Godse, the younger brother of Mr. Nathuram Godse did pay him a visit. So as it stands, this issue is squarely in the past and my family has moved on........ My humble suggestion -- your folks who own Congress (I) and your goodself...should move on AND QUIT milking the name of Gandhi and this issue for YOUR SELFISH BENEFITS. Have the magnanimity to accept the verdicts of the various commissions. To keep harping that the RSS killed Gandhi is akin to saying the Sikhs killed your GRANDMOTHER ... which would be such a petty falsehood isn't it? A couple of guys don't make for a community.... So please stop this charade, stop this opportunistic usage of the Gandhi name. YOU ARE NOT FROM THE GANDHI FAMILY. YOU HAVE FOOLED TOO MANY PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG USING GANDHI NAME IN INDIA. STOP IT NOW. Feroze Gandhi was in reality Feroze Khan, son of a Gujarati Pathan Nawab Khan of Junagadh and his wife was a Parsi who had converted to Islam. Your grandmother Indira was also a Muslim having converted to Islam to marry Feroze. You are a mixture of Muslim and Christian. There is no Rahul or Gandhi in you. YOU are nowhere close to being a HINDU but a combination of MUSLIM/CATHOLIC DNA - with due respect to all the communities. I am putting this in the public domain as someone from the Gandhi family has to call your bluff. Stop fooling people, you're no Gandhi. - Krishna Kulkarni

  • Suraj S.
    04/05/2018 13:34

    Many of the points like the police trails, medical checkup etc should be more homely and comfortable for the victim... But death penalty is the ultimate solution yes the threat to the victims life is increased but because of that fear we can't let the no of rapes to be increased... The only solution for the girls safety is that they need to be trained as martial combats from the very beginning of their age so that they can defend themselves.

  • Akash D.
    04/05/2018 13:34

    Shut up you guys are diverting the issue So many stood for death penalty Now asking government something else No we demanded death penalty

  • Subhalaxmi S.
    04/05/2018 12:05

    We want society free of such nuisance... U wish to stay with room or society full of rapists then it's ur choice mam.. U know India's loose judgement.. After certain years they get bail and all.. Even return and rape the same girl again.. How is that now?? I think if u really were concerned about the rape of girls and women then u shouldn't oppose it.. All of a sudden they did not declare it. After full investigation and the accusations r proved the r sentenced for death. If the have committed such grevious crime then they don't deserve to live.. This is the only way to set an example.. U know what if u was foreign country I get that but in India I have no faith about justice for such innocent girls.. It all the power of money ,fame, politics and religious sentiment!!

  • Arunava C.
    04/05/2018 11:49

    Soon She will recommed buying sewing machine to open ladies tailor shop for the rapists to solve rape issues.

  • Ashrith R.
    04/05/2018 11:02

    Activists are like English medicine , they treat the symptoms not the disease .

  • Prachi A.
    04/05/2018 10:56

    Rape is heinous n brutal. If u cant control ur lust, u r a constant threat to the society. Go to jungle try ur luck/lust/strngth wid animals., or go to hell after capital punishment

  • Sagar W.
    04/05/2018 08:44

    Madam rapes happen very few in gulf countries as the people fear the Law...even people who come from country like Pakistan or bangladesh don't dare commit crimes in these countries. So please don't tell that capital punishment won't help

  • Shrikant K.
    04/05/2018 06:59

    The Problem is most of the MAULVIs will be affected with the death penalty, Thats why the dont want this maximum sentence... Madarsas are the HUB for the Child Abuse... Now try to understand their Frustration...

  • Suneel K.
    04/05/2018 05:10

    Please give death penalty for all intellectuals and libertards😁

  • Om P.
    04/05/2018 03:16

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