Activist Offers Surprising Solutions To Help Abused Children

An activist who has long advocated for child rights tells Brut India why she doesn't think that death penalty for rapists is the answer.

04/28/2018 2:30 AM
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  • Anjani B.
    04/28/2018 02:40

    I think there's one remedy to this rape epidemic that has gripped our country, in my opinion. Rapists shouldn't be incarcerated. Instead they should be castrated as in converted into a Eunuch(Chakka) and wheeled back into the society. This will deliver a double punishment, embarrassment for life and since we already how our society treats Eunuchs, social abandonment will add on to the punishment. When common people will see with their own eyes what a rapist goes through, they will dread the consequences and think a thousand times before committing this heinous crime.

  • HISIS -.
    04/28/2018 02:47

    For politicians, it is the most convenient way to make it appear like they are providing a solution while actually doing nothing. Fixing the corrupt and inept police and judiciary takes more than one year. And elections are due by then.

  • Rishija S.
    04/28/2018 03:50

    Nupur Rastogi

  • Raghavendra V.
    04/28/2018 04:02

    What is Brut lobbying for that candle marches and blaming India is done now back the bastards who commit the crime....don't be on two boats at a time

  • Pallavi R.
    04/28/2018 04:09

    Kokila Bhattacharya

  • Rahul G.
    04/28/2018 04:11

    Its need of an hour. Earlier the argument against death penalty was that victims will be eventually killed for being the sole witnesses to the crime but kids are being killed anyway regardless of nature of the Justice system. So hanging the culprits is a good step. As far as other things mentioned in this video, society has some role to play and not just government. Awareness should be spread, people need to change their mindset and victims should be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Jagan N.
    04/28/2018 04:40

    These activists think nothing is an "answer" for gazillion problems of India...:( This is, all my friends a controversial statement, ain't it!!!? But total reality as if problems get addressed and starts to become a non-issue what is the role for them & their patrons for their "sobbing, brutal India story!"

  • Anirudh S.
    04/28/2018 04:42

    Let her dearone get that curse and later her interview will change, Shame on this Middle age females.

  • Srikar B.
    04/28/2018 05:00

    Who else loves ?

  • Ashish S.
    04/28/2018 05:04

    Off course its not the Answer...but... This could be one of them....later if may its changed now...Nothing wrong ....

  • Pradeep K.
    04/28/2018 05:16

    These activists have a single propaganda. Abuse PM. These are the same activists who bailed out and provided sewing machine and 10,000 rupees to mohd afroz , the nirbhaya rapist .

  • Rajesh K.
    04/28/2018 05:20

    What is wrong with #Butt_Congress_India They cried justice for #Asifa till they got #Justice Now they are #crying #death_penality is not proper #punishment These people who run this page should definitely conslut #psychiatrist and completely remove this page

  • Rebekah T.
    04/28/2018 05:34

    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Abhishek K.
    04/28/2018 06:07

    Absolutely correct.... We should abolish death penalty because we certainly don't want to instill fear in the hearts of the rapists... Those poor Rapists should feel more confident so that there's no fear in their minds while raping someone. They are still a bit insecure, because of fear of imprisonment. And out of this fear, they have been killing the victims. That is why I think we should abolish all punishments of rape. We must give them more freedom, just to save the victims from getting killed. After all those peaceful rapists cannot be blamed for killing their victims. It is just the fear of punishment, because of which they are forced to take such drastic measures. Our government should be more thoughtful about the feelings of those innocent rapists... (Sarcasm intended)

  • Jitu Y.
    04/28/2018 06:24

    Fear of law is the need of the punishment is the only solution for devil act like rape with anyone fast track court and victims should be treated with politely and dignity..

  • Souradeep C.
    04/28/2018 06:45

    , See I was telling you the reason , death penalty doesn't help . And the discrimination people face after abuse also needs to be addressed and unfortunately , nothing is done on that part .

  • Shikha S.
    04/28/2018 06:59

    These activists along with police n senior govt officials help in child trafficking and protect child rapists Stress should be on Witness Protection solutions rather then doing away with death penalty. An astray member of our society has earned jail time n the gallows.

  • Shikha S.
    04/28/2018 07:05

    Death penalty is not the answer it’s need of the hour.

  • Neha K.
    04/28/2018 07:13

    U know what go to hell

  • Anshumeet S.
    04/28/2018 07:25

    So ridiculous