Air Pollution Is Making You Dumber

Parties including BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party are pledging to combat air pollution. Has this finally become a campaign issue? We explain why more than your lungs are at stake.

30/04/2019 7:44 AMupdated: 26/08/2020 2:06 PM
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  • Tamoghna D.
    22/11/2019 11:25

    Ritwic Majumder

  • Madhava M.
    02/05/2019 16:05

    its good as many humans it thru wars or terrorism or inflicted or contagious diseases...(includes me)… as human species ratio has been distorted due to human greed based economics. rest of the species (flora n fauna) will reap natural benefits sans so called TECHNOLOGICAL advancements on earth by earthlings !... its also a known re-research fact that...if humans are eliminated - EARTH will rejuvenate.. and if spieces is eliminated HUMANS will not survive … thence all humans are requested to make their bookings on VIRGIN ATLANTIC super duper jet.. that will make you settle or unsettle in the solar system which has helio-centric orbitarage… as no more does planets rotate around sun...and sun itself is in super-fast motion... thus its heliocentric solar deliverables... now that Hyper-Loop trains are going to be introduced... our Sir Richard Branson who lives up to his dream has plans to introduce Super-loop trains across the solar helio centric orbitarage.. it will be a wonderful experience for all robotic zombies and the nomads who we actually are... So lets get settled for universes largest cemetery - the EARTH ! as a viable concept...ah yes, we EARTH still will be a TOURIST spot to visit the cemetery and lay the orchids on tombs !

  • Padmavani M.
    01/05/2019 05:06

    All the parties combine to fight against pollution but they won't combine when it comes for terrorism

  • Parveen J.
    30/04/2019 15:10

    Realty in Delhi now ..

  • Arekatla S.
    30/04/2019 15:05

    The lawmakers should take responsibilities for this disasters, But they are busy with buying and selling other party elected members Fuck the election 🗳

  • Shyam B.
    30/04/2019 14:20


  • Mukesh J.
    30/04/2019 12:31

    Why a french Company trying to manipulate indian election?

  • Romana R.
    30/04/2019 12:11

    Now we know what's up with India🤔

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