Brother Helps Sister Bust Period Myth

A menstruating girl can’t water plants? This man helped his young sister understand why this was just a ridiculous myth. 🙅‍♀️

07/03/2019 12:57 PM
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  • Ana T.
    07/03/2019 13:02

    Just another stupid stereotype from the Hindu religion. Who makes all this shit? I can give you a billion examples like this

  • Robin W.
    07/03/2019 13:03

    Grt iniative

  • Priyanka G.
    07/03/2019 13:08

    Wonderful...Walter.. very wonderful :)

  • Shanila H.
    07/03/2019 13:13

    Not all plants but only Tulsi plant as it is sacred in Hindu religion should not be watered during periods is all I've heard about. Anyways to each his own so do what u feel is right or your religion says...🙏

  • Achyutha C.
    07/03/2019 13:14

    So if anybody eats with unclean hands, will he ("Walter") go to that boy and say that its a superstition!!! No..Why ?? Bcz dirt need to accumulate in our body to create disease...It needs time....So all woman with consecutive periods should water same plant to test the statement contained in ayurveda....Just bcz it does not happen immediately,that does not mean it will never happen....I think who deny rishis' knowledge instantly become senseless

  • Rajesh K.
    07/03/2019 13:24

    #Tulsi_Plant wants to know your location 😠😡😡

  • Dar H.
    07/03/2019 13:24

    Beautiful message

  • Gargi P.
    07/03/2019 13:26

    Proud to be superstitious 😋

  • Sourav M.
    07/03/2019 13:26


  • Gargi P.
    07/03/2019 13:27 Hmm....

  • Shashi R.
    07/03/2019 13:28

    Excellent Brother... lucky sister☺️👍

  • Saurav P.
    07/03/2019 13:30

    Bht khoob..❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gargi P.
    07/03/2019 13:31 Hmm......

  • K S.
    07/03/2019 13:32

    Converted for free meal and Pennies 😂😂😂Walter😂😂😂and😂😂😂 Cinderella 😂😂wtf Cinderella 😵 Fake knowledge distribution 😂😂 How can a plant be dead by receiving water during mensuration cycle 😂😂 old day people used to drop meditational blood in Farmland for good health of soil😂😂. Hindus have Mensuration Deity Goddess Kamakhya, It's a sign of creation and productiveness. Few rice bag converts are trying to spread fake or defaming a separate group of people😂 Impossible how can a plant die😂😂Just by water during mensuration cycle.

  • Kashish K.
    07/03/2019 13:37


  • Pintu S.
    07/03/2019 13:40

    Very nyc yr 🤗🤗..

  • Firdosh S.
    07/03/2019 13:43

    here u are 🤗

  • Riya P.
    07/03/2019 13:44

    We need more men like him🙌

  • Himanshu G.
    07/03/2019 13:47


  • D D.
    07/03/2019 13:58

    What amazing brother 👍👍👍👍