Jackfruit Is Joining World Cuisine

This giant fruit is rich in proteins, full of vitamins, and it can take the place of meat in a dish. Indians have long known about the benefits of the humble jackfruit. Now the rest of the world is catching on. 🍲😋

27/01/2019 3:55 PM
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  • Artista E.
    28/01/2021 18:21

    era questo il frutto di cui mi parlavi??

  • Jaswant S.
    26/10/2019 04:13

    Itis vegetable as well as fruiit so jack fruit it is called kathal also icall democracy fruit of the people ,,,,,

  • Sarang K.
    13/09/2019 09:01

    I have been to trivandrum and u can find it everywhere

  • Nihar G.
    13/09/2019 09:00

    Try jack fruit seed on dal... just wash it dry it for 2 days while making dal just add it.. it taste better than potatoes.. You can also make curry with with raw jack fruits it taste likr chicken

  • Anmesh C.
    12/09/2019 07:05

    aap non veg ka intejam hogaya tumare liye.

  • Anup N.
    10/09/2019 14:04

    It's good with mutton

  • Aditya K.
    10/09/2019 10:10


  • Lalita P.
    09/09/2019 23:04

    Love ripe jackfruit Love seed curry as well

  • Abhijit K.
    09/09/2019 11:02

    Kathalchoda. 😑

  • Sarguroh M.
    07/09/2019 10:55

    Masha Allah very good, though we consume since our childhood but never knew it is equal to meat

  • Pranav M.
    07/09/2019 07:05

    It is yellow orange when ripe. It is pale green when unripe. The unripe version is used for cooking because the ripe version is sweet. Get your facts correct

  • Kalyan B.
    06/09/2019 02:31

    A delicacy both ways... ripe or unripe. Truly versatile.

  • गणेश स.
    04/09/2019 20:17

    jackfruit pakodas 😋

  • Abhishek O.
    04/09/2019 14:12

    My mum's spicy kathal (jackfruit) curry makes it a nice substitute for chicken curry and tastes just like it .... Even the seed part tastes like potato

  • Rahul V.
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  • Umesh Y.
    03/09/2019 17:07

    Meat Replacement for you😋😋

  • Umesh Y.
    03/09/2019 17:02

    jackfruit/kathael can replace non-veg. Take a look,😋

  • محمد ع.
    03/09/2019 11:29

    Sorry, But I'm looking for beef or meet fruit 😂

  • Mithila N.
    03/09/2019 10:25

    Yeah we can swap meat for jackfruit, seitan, soy-based products / cow's milk with almond, hemp & other plant mylks / egg with besan omelette, tofu scramble, mashed avocado-potato sandwich / fish with banana blossom, eggplant, yam ... Whatever we want, it can be cruelty-free, better for the environment & for our health - which no animal product can claim to be.

  • Yaseen S.
    03/09/2019 08:55

    Their needs to be a balance in nature by the regeneration of cows etc , so an alternative for the meat would be less beneficial and could cause the disease caused due to overgrowth of population of animals and lack of maintenance for such massive population. Ie consume both meat n vegetables.

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