Religions Innovate For Coronavirus

Holy water pistols in the US, automatic dispensers and drive-in prayers in India… Religion turned to tech around the world to keep devotees alive. 😬

24/06/2020 8:27 AM
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  • Shan A.
    29/06/2020 06:22

    Even gods are facing Corona.. my thoughts of god dont exist is getting stronger..thanks to corona😜

  • Devakumar S.
    28/06/2020 03:44

    They are afraid that ppl will forget God, so coming up with things like this.

  • Nataraj B.
    25/06/2020 16:50

    Thanks to lord raaam its all his invention !!!!

  • Abdul M.
    25/06/2020 12:00

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  • Suraj S.
    25/06/2020 05:40

    I💗machine GOD 🌞👑🌏Machine makes human life easier comfortable and luxurious 🌞👸🤴🌏 SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY is the best religion for everyone in the world 🌞🔭🌎

  • Sunil V.
    25/06/2020 02:11

    Holy water need science

  • Aditya C.
    24/06/2020 18:36

    holy water nahi , amrut

  • Dibakar G.
    24/06/2020 14:21

    Modi's candle light failed to stop corona. After that Modi tried The Gang's water but Indian medical refused 😀

  • Harshal Y.
    24/06/2020 14:04

    Dekhna kahi Sanitizer na pile log 🤣

  • Lx G.
    24/06/2020 13:05

    holy water,? lol 😆😆😆

  • Chandrima M.
    24/06/2020 12:21

    Just like Baba's bivuti?

  • Chandrima M.
    24/06/2020 12:20

    People drink easily without hesitation, God never teaches such lesson, God gives us brain, education ....

  • Shalini C.
    24/06/2020 10:32

    Sanitizer dispenser can also be used

  • Issa A.
    24/06/2020 09:49

    Let there be light of truth,no blind faith?!

  • Brut India
    24/06/2020 09:40

    Religious institutions are under innovation for new ways to deal with their faith. Meanwhile, a day after the Supreme Court allowed only those who tested negative to participate in the Rath Yatra, one servitor has tested positive for Covid-19:

  • Iqra M.
    24/06/2020 09:20

    His Drug can or can't treat corona but yes the label is desh bhakt as main ingredient is gau mutra 😂😂😂

  • Dushyant S.
    24/06/2020 09:17

    Now, no need of Corona Vaxeen, just spread this holy medicinal water on Corona victim

  • Raju J.
    24/06/2020 08:57

    Hallelujah preise the Lord amen

  • Sunoop B.
    24/06/2020 08:46 similar products are now available in Bangalore

  • Surya R.
    24/06/2020 08:42

    PRONAM🌷🙏🌺PRONAM⚘🙏🥀PRANAM🙏🌹🌻 🧘‍♀️🌞🧘‍♂️