The Story Of A Missed Miscarriage

“I was praying for a miracle.” In 2019, blogger SuperPrincessJo spoke about a deep personal loss that is suffered by many couples, but rarely discussed.

09/12/2020 3:57 PM
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  • Aishi D.
    30/03/2021 13:41

    Most painful experience for any mother. Hug & love ♥️

  • Gayatri I.
    25/03/2021 13:52

    Missed abortion. Happened with me twice. Onec planned once unplanned twins. Finally my rainbow child arrived in 2020. I can understand ur pain. Tumhari baatein sunke mai bohot zyada relate kar paa rhi hu. Aisa lag rha hai kal hi ki baat hai. Its very painful.

  • Priyanka S.
    25/03/2021 12:34

    I can feel ur pain. This same thing happened with me when i was 8 weeks pregnant. I was crying for 1.5 yrs till i became pregnant with my nxt child. God has been kind towards everyone so think positive. Everything happens for good. Stay positive .

  • Sushma K.
    24/03/2021 14:30

    Been there and got over it... Xoxo

  • Mahwish M.
    23/03/2021 08:51

    I am so sorry to hear your story. God give you strength Nd thanks for sharing such an important stuff related missed .miscarriage.

  • Dany J.
    15/03/2021 10:13

    Missed miscarriage ?

  • Sahana R.
    09/03/2021 14:54

    I lost my baby during my 5th month of pregnancy

  • Amber L.
    27/02/2021 00:29

    I’m going through a missed miscarriage now at 8 weeks. This is my first pregnancy. Getting surgery to remove it Thursday.

  • Rupal P.
    23/02/2021 18:19

    The same thing happened with me also...

  • Ketan T.
    21/02/2021 04:16

    Braveheart to share your experience and trying to make lot of woman aware about missed miscarriage...

  • Monalisa D.
    19/02/2021 20:38

    I know what you went through. I lost my daughter at 35 weeks 5 days. It was my 1st pregnancy and a planned one. Even after 5 years, memories of that day continue to haunt me. God has been kind to have blessed us with a beautiful son (rainbow child), but I wish I had found a stillbirth support group in India then.

  • Mahatab K.
    19/02/2021 20:21

    Your story helps others to take proper care.But congratulations.

  • Vijaya S.
    19/02/2021 16:30

    Sorry for your situation but too much lagging and scaring other persons

  • Pallavi A.
    19/02/2021 11:48

    God bless you

  • Madhu N.
    19/02/2021 09:32

    Its a very tough situation. I had gone through the same thing in jan'19. After 3 months I conceived again and now my daughter is 1 year n 1 month.

  • Hervé F.
    18/02/2021 22:14

    I'm sad for her. Thanks to share her experience. That could help others couples. She is brave to talk about that. May she stays strong.

  • Umi R.
    18/02/2021 15:14

    Hi. I'm Umme . I'm the host of a podcast "Life happens for real". It is an "interview format " where I will be asking you questions about your story. Right now, I am searching for stories from around the world to help people who are grappling with their mental health, or the state of their marriage, a bullying situation body image issues , racism , colourism, weight loss stories, estranged relationships, rare diseases, cancer story, PCOS stories, childhood abuse ,sexual abuse, and how they dealt with it or any other healing and inspiring stories like this etc. The world is going through so much and I always think that it helps them to come together and share their stories of hardship and inspiration. To let others know they aren't alone and also to know the helpful ways in which they were able to deal with your suffering. I'm looking to connect. If you have a story that will help heal and inspire others, please email me and briefly tell me what it's about. P.S : You can connect with me at my email: [email protected] my Instagram page : @lifehappens.podcast. You can also private message me on facebook. A little about me : I live in Srinagar, Jammu &Kashmir. I love talking and learning about people. My passions are : Podcasting, Public speaking, cooking , baking and engaging in colloquies at large. I hope you have the courage to share and that I hear from you soon. And certainly, please "Share" this with anyone you think might be interested. My best, Umme.

  • Somlata S.
    18/02/2021 14:19

    Very Strong

  • Vanisa N.
    18/02/2021 12:53

    Thank you for sharing your story. ❤

  • Sudipta S.
    18/02/2021 11:58

    I am also lost my 6 th baby after that God gift me one son

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