This Young Trans Doctor Has An Inspiring Story

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju doesn’t care what names you have called her in the past. She only insists that now you call her doctor. One of Karnataka’s first trans women medical doctor's life is an essay in overcoming the odds that seemed forever stacked against her. Here is her story.

21/11/2020 4:27 PM
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  • Rosalind M.
    5 hours

    Great... Be happy. Be braver...Be Beautiful... Be blessed. Be Bright.

  • Rel A.
    7 hours

    This is not an inspiration. This is wrong.

  • Carol W.
    9 hours

    Good on you india is every hard place to come out with ur gender though theres so many transgender and people are nice. But older generations have been brainwashed with bringing shame to the families once those illiterate people know we can all respect each other

  • Debasmita P.
    10 hours

    You are so beautiful

  • Sirish S.
    11 hours

    Thank you for educating.....I truly salute you for your courage and are just amazing the way you are...stay blessed

  • Priyanka H.
    13 hours

    This is beautiful.

  • Tamali W.
    13 hours

    More courage and more power to you.

  • Neel N.
    14 hours

    Beauty with brains!

  • Kanupriya J.
    14 hours

    You are sooooo beautiful. Congratulations

  • Neena K.
    16 hours

    Don't scare. Whole of India is with you. People who talk or say nonsense are sick people and they are the same for their own family. You are genius and we are proud of you. I honour your work for the society. Keep your spirits the way you are, don't give a damn to people. Now a days, bold women are front runners in the race. You are living at your own terms. 👍 Well done.

  • Vinay S.
    18 hours

    Guess so trans should also get equal respect and palce in social as other gender gets... They are human and this doctor and other like them will change the course of thought Respect

  • Wendykelly T.
    20 hours

    salute to u for showing the way for the younger transgender.We only hope ppl accpt us as wat we are n no gender discrimination among us ppl.Peace.

  • Celine R.
    20 hours

    🙏🙏 Salutations to you 🙏🙏 It's really an achievement not only for yourself but to the whole community. There are many like you who have achieved good positions in various fields. Stay blessed and always be an inspiration to all.🙏🙏

  • Sarika S.
    20 hours

    Love you ❤️feeling lot of respect for you ❤️

  • Cindy D.
    20 hours

    So so proud of u

  • Noiranjana K.
    21 hours

    I know her from Behensplaining❣️

  • Pauline V.
    21 hours

    Well done, doc! Best of luck!

  • Kernail S.
    a day

    God bless you dear one

  • Palak M.
    a day

    Some of the comments here are giving me a headache. I wonder how bigger of a headache it is for the trans community.

  • Manmit K.
    a day

    All the best doctor god bless you

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