16-Year-Old Swede Has a Message for Modi

"Dear Mr. Modi..." Greta Thunberg has a message for the Prime Minister on climate responsibility. The 16-year-old is a climate activist who has inspired thousands of young people worldwide to fight climate change. She spoke to Brut India about her goal of saving the planet.🌏🔥✊

19/02/2019 11:29 AMupdated: 19/02/2019 11:37 AM
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  • Krishna P.
    05/02/2021 17:31

    you little piece of sh*t

  • Mohd D.
    01/07/2020 06:33


  • Mritunjaya H.
    19/04/2020 00:43

    You are not even a small finger nail of Great leader Modi. Just shut up and mind your business. You only complain. Have you ever recommended what should be done for climate change ?? Zero

  • Mituban S.
    29/01/2020 17:32

    Wow at first I thought she was saying all those lines to herself. 😂

  • Shibham R.
    03/11/2019 14:22

    Ye Dono dhug of Hindustan

  • Sharmistha C.
    26/10/2019 11:29


  • Anuradha R.
    19/10/2019 00:55

    This idiot belongs to the category of " chocolate is getting extinct because Indians and Chinese eat more chocolate" How Dare You Indians! It's made Only for US white civilised western developed countries.. We preserve our forests so that we can cut yours. We save our oil so that we could burn yours, we keep you poor so that our economy sky rockets... Young Activists should be given a 15 year long course in understanding different geo-political entities and Then evaluate their IQs. They could be then be taken a little seriously..!!!

  • Jack D.
    29/09/2019 03:21

    You are right

  • Nishan J.
    27/09/2019 16:16

    Just coz you have mic, you can't utter anything, GretaThunberg! When you were clicking pouting selfies, Modi distributed 72 million LPG gas connections to save wood and trees India is now producing 4% of its required power using Solar power, saving Fuel. 😏 Modi Govt distributed 350 million LED bulbs reducing electricity consumption. India has banned single use plastic We took our first test flight on bio fuel & soon will be No 1 in its usage We're already producing Bio fuel from Human hair & Agri stubble from previous crop.

  • Yusuf H.
    03/08/2019 07:15

    She's is correct. One joker from India

  • Noel P.
    27/07/2019 12:19

    Mr. Modi once expressed his views on climate change to school going kids like you, he says sometimes we feel last year climate was hot and this year climate was a bit hotter but the temperatures are the same so it's not the climate that is changing, it's we who are changing. wah modi ji wah

  • Vinay K.
    27/07/2019 11:07

    This little girl talks more with less knowledge.

  • செல்லம் ச.
    27/07/2019 10:56

    The best slipper shot I have ever heard it. Mr Modi she is not just the kid. She is the future who cares about the kids who live in India. Of course kids r the next generation. Note the words

  • Jitesh S.
    27/07/2019 09:52

    dear brut first of all india is developing country we can't afford another option so please help us by providing loan for solar without intrest for direct to public than within five years coal power will be shut down

  • Kalyan R.
    27/07/2019 09:44

    U people got everything n ur nations r much developed compared to our nation... this should be talked before ur development.

  • Bhaskar D.
    27/07/2019 09:02

    Who is this stupid girl?... Who is paying her?....

  • Nagmani C.
    27/07/2019 08:56

    निकल पहली फुर्सत में निकल निकल $##

  • Rastrawadi A.
    27/07/2019 08:35

    Bharat ho ya aaj ki sarkar ne kabhi climate ke prati udadhinta nahin dikhayi hai... Bikshit desh ne pure climate ka satyanash karke uski bharpayi ki jimmewari bikashsheel desh pe chod rakha hai.. Bharat sarkar pure jorr shorr se forestation pe lagi hai... Aaj agar road ban rahi hai to sath sath ped podhe bhi lagaye ja rahe hain. Ab bikshit desh apne desh ke deforestation ke liye bharat ko jimmewar mane to ye beimani hi hoga.

  • Pratyush B.
    27/07/2019 08:26

    Apni advice ko dalo apne pichwade mai or nikal lo. Warna pell dea jao ge.

  • Vikram
    27/07/2019 07:50

    No word on our greatest son

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