• Pathapa C.
    04/06/2021 02:01

    We Indians do not want Pakistan to talk to India.

  • Abhishek C.
    31/05/2021 08:28

    My middle finger is raised high in your support Imran

  • Ravi P.
    27/05/2021 12:28

    Ur a real pig of porkistan lol 😂

  • Syed F.
    25/05/2021 16:04


  • Bantupalli V.
    24/05/2021 06:35

    Does Imran know the history of Kashmir to enter into a dialogue with India.

  • Belgantty G.
    24/05/2021 04:09

    Look who is Talking about human rights

  • Neeraj K.
    22/05/2021 16:54

    अबे भरुए तेरे पास है भी क्या बोलने को।

  • Mohan M.
    22/05/2021 16:11

    Best happening congratulations most respected sir and you are UK educated and the honourable minister of foreign affairs minister need to make peace with the India and Pakistan and Afghanistan and USA and China and Saudi Arabia and GCC countries and United States of America and Iran and Israel and UAE and Qatar etc Eid Mubarak God bless you all AMEN MK Menon Secularist Peace Maker Nonviolence Follower Independent India Based Politican etc ❤️❤️❤️ AMEN

  • Joshua Z.
    21/05/2021 01:10

    India wants Peace with Pakistan but not Modi and his fans.

  • Kuljeet S.
    19/05/2021 11:40

    Please unfollow brut India guys because it's an anti-indian group who always supports topic against India

  • Irshad K.
    19/05/2021 08:51

    Kashmir issues should resolve as per majority Kashmiris wishes, UN resolutions and as per Gandhi & Nehru, the Indian forefathers, signatures!

  • Asad A.
    19/05/2021 04:49

    Love you IK

  • Ashish K.
    19/05/2021 03:49

    Why don’t u mind your own businsss ? None of the points relate to your country

  • Santosh K.
    18/05/2021 21:54

    Imran khan is PM of Pakistan not because of his capability rather a pet chosen by it's army. The army is the boss in Pakistan. The moment he stops talking against India, he will be thrown out. He doesn't have any vision for his country. So if Imran talks, he talks only non-sense. So we in India don't take him seriously.

  • Naveen T.
    18/05/2021 19:57

    Who cares of this Beggar Country🤣😂😅😛

  • Santosh S.
    18/05/2021 19:20

    Bhag bsdk

  • Uday M.
    18/05/2021 19:15

    You talk rubbish which ypu shouldn't being PM of a Country . You better talk on the status of Minorities of Pakistan, the whole World knows everything.

  • Rajesh N.
    18/05/2021 18:08

    Say something about uigher Muslims in China.

  • Rajesh N.
    18/05/2021 18:07

    Ur country tops the violation of human rights. So don't lecture on the issue of human rights. Minorities in ur country is not safe.

  • Jyoti S.
    18/05/2021 17:48

    Abe tu gaan v marwa lega tab v tujhse koi baat nahi karega india se. Tu kya baat nahi karega bol raha hai 😂😂😂😂