India in Canada's Dark Immigration Past

105 years ago, India was at the heart of one of Canada's darkest chapters in history.🇮🇳 🇨🇦🚢✋

04/04/2019 5:33 AM
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  • Adnân S.
    04/04/2019 05:34


  • Sachin P.
    04/04/2019 05:40

    Thanks atleast for apology

  • Neuto J.
    04/04/2019 05:59

    I want to hear from High class British Govt with low class attitude 🙏

  • Rahul S.
    04/04/2019 06:00

    Did trudeau already cry on television apologizing about this or is that still due

  • Sithanthi A.
    04/04/2019 06:03

    Could you also tell us why these people were migrating?We know that the colonizers indulged in trading of indentured labor from India on false promises of sending them back in few years time but left them to their fate in countries far away.So where these people migrating or were victims of the White men trading in indentured labor supply?

  • Tasnim F.
    04/04/2019 06:11

    Lot of others should also say sorry and compensate..

  • Adnan N.
    04/04/2019 06:13

    When will UK compensate or apologize for the crimes of Winston Churchill ?

  • Raja A.
    04/04/2019 06:20

    Good video but my dear Indians don't try to abuse Canadian's they did a mistake and apologize but how about you when you even deported Rohingya Muslims forcefully despite of threats to there lives.i repeat look at yourself first before talking about someone else.

  • Vaibhav S.
    04/04/2019 06:27

    The prime minister is love ✌️❤️☺️

  • Deep S.
    04/04/2019 06:58

    Canada apologize from Sikh and whole Punjabi community what he did in 1914 but India still not apologize what he did in 1984 with Sikh new Delhi and others parts of India.....shame

  • Aman M.
    04/04/2019 07:17

    Hat's off to Justin for his generosity and Humbleness apologizing for the deeds happened century ago👏👏

  • Arindam T.
    04/04/2019 07:29

    Budge budge in West Bengal was the place. In memories of those brave souls Budge Budge rail station has been officially named as Komagata Maru

  • Nataraj B.
    04/04/2019 08:13

    Its high time India govt apologises to Indian dalits The reservation quota was 50% And there are no dalits in govt offices

  • Yogendr R.
    04/04/2019 08:26

    The Question is when we are going to colonize UK?

  • Babruvan M.
    04/04/2019 08:43

    What about Britain's apology on जालियनवाला बाग brutal killing !! That's incidence completing 100 year in this month April 2019 !! Shame on you British government !!

  • Vageesh G.
    04/04/2019 09:42

    Well done 👍 Canada 🇨🇦 at the end

  • Gupta A.
    04/04/2019 09:52

    Thanks Canada for apologising. Now it's Britain's turn to apologise for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

  • Himanshu S.
    04/04/2019 11:13

    Did Congress officially apologise for the 1984 sikh massacre? Just asking. Want to know.

  • Amit S.
    04/04/2019 11:15


  • Sunil S.
    04/04/2019 12:11

    What is the use if this token apology, bloody white dogs that have Gone mad. They have to be shot down