Is Prime Minister Modi Doing Enough on Climate Change?

Al Gore is a world-renowned climate activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and former vice-president of the United States. Here is what he told Brut India about Prime Minister Modi's efforts on climate change.

08/08/2019 12:18 PMupdated: 08/08/2019 1:32 PM
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  • Rochan D.
    05/10/2019 16:27

    Gore (pun intended) ko bolo ki aake dekhe Aarey mein Kya kiya Mudiji ne

  • Ahilya C.
    10/08/2019 09:53

    Formidable Mr Modi 😍

  • Kerba A.
    09/08/2019 23:04

    modi is the top most soldier of US deployed in india to screw up india's economy

  • M A.
    09/08/2019 19:14

    Money 💰 💰 😄😄😄

  • Mishra G.
    09/08/2019 15:36

    Only liberal shit hate our beloved pm...

  • Paul B.
    09/08/2019 15:33

    Ye matra ek kalpanik katha hai... Iska wastavik jeewan se koi sambangh nhi hai.... Dhanyawaad

  • Faith B.
    09/08/2019 15:21

    I was reading this post and my colleagues came in the meantime my boss also came we all read this post carefully it changed our perception completely then we projected this post in the whole firm tears rolled out of everyone eye's you just made our day.....thanks for sharing this post

  • Rounak S.
    09/08/2019 15:16

    It's better to do action rather than showing own reaction and we believe in action not reactions . . .

  • Ishita J.
    09/08/2019 14:54

    in SB me bhi tag Kiya kro hmko 😂😂 don't tell me even he's paid n it's fake propoganda !

  • Shri K.
    09/08/2019 14:51

    Modi ji desh ki Janta aap ke saath khadi hai

  • Uttam D.
    09/08/2019 14:43


  • Rajiv S.
    09/08/2019 14:42


  • Vanlalpeki J.
    09/08/2019 14:29

    My reaction ❤️ wasn't for the Modi praise..but for the rest of this video where young people are taking up the task to change and make the difference.

  • Ashfak A.
    09/08/2019 14:24

    Hahahaha sometimes criticize , sometimes praise...

  • Sonam D.
    09/08/2019 13:47

    truly we r changing,wer r da streams,rivers,pond in ur state,in meghalaya i can show u some of da stream wer u wudnt blieve it xist b4 bt nw NOTHING, n forests,u wil c only a storey house dat also very compacts n so n so on,.God bless,amen.

  • Sonam D.
    09/08/2019 13:36

    true we r changing,coal has been used fr thousand of year bt only nw it s affected,Y...?

  • Rupesh P.
    09/08/2019 13:35


  • Gopal B.
    09/08/2019 13:33

    dekh chai wala kya kar sakata hai!

  • Kokom P.
    09/08/2019 13:28

    American is like a bat it can interfere in every sphere of issue in the world , especially in India, Pakistan issued we the indian don't need any suggestions or any help from fucking American

  • Rahul M.
    09/08/2019 13:11

    Usko bola feku ne fake baat karke uski band baje diya

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