Japan's Second Wave Of Covid

The island of Hokkaido was the first in Japan to be hit by Covid-19. But by mid-March, the lockdown was lifted. Almost a month later, it went back to a state of quarantine. As India nears the end of its lockdown, here is a story of caution from Japan’s second Covid-19 wave.

28/04/2020 4:57 AM
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  • H K.
    18/05/2020 03:45

    India its your turn now for health disaster, economic disaster, war disasters ,political disaster and much more to come 🤣🤣

  • Jovan J.
    11/05/2020 12:36

    Fake as corona

  • Bahuleyan K.
    30/04/2020 09:20

    This should be a lesson to other Nation's too ?

  • Sean V.
    30/04/2020 02:49

    So Japan one of the most hygienic countries in the world, is looking at a second wave. Damn.

  • Madhurpreet S.
    29/04/2020 17:02

    In india we are not doing mass testing and only increasing the lockdown this will effect poors and business

  • Corona B.
    29/04/2020 13:33

    use plastic cover like mosquito net to stop corona spread from patients to doctor.common people Pls use corona preventive full length umbrellas it will stop at least 30 percent of spread and save lives. Every one is allowing that virus few inches to their bodies and then it is automatically attacking them. By using this type of umbrellas first of all one can stop virus 1 to 2 feet away from their body. Another benefit of using these one will automatically maintain physical distance and no need to lock ourselves inside a house .this type of umbrella acts as moving hut (protection). Corona virus is aerosol . If an umbrella can protect from heavy rain why can't we human use the same for stopping that aerosal infections .think you have to use your full t shirt as mask and knot those sleeves as rope . I think it will filter the air you are breathing. I think we are not filtering the air with these kinds of masks . In this panic situation u have to rely on yourself . T shirt gsm is 180 where as mask GSM is below 100 GSM. As we are going to use 2 layers putting on our nose it will become 360 gsm mask and mouse there is no chance of breathing unfiltered air. And u are safe

  • Meghna M.
    28/04/2020 22:15

    second wave bhi ati hai iski

  • Salman M.
    28/04/2020 20:00

    What's with the annoying background music

  • Sharjeel K.
    28/04/2020 12:41

    Covid is a flu virus dammit. Its related to immunity

  • Shafan K.
    28/04/2020 11:11

    Ahenn !! Hmmmmm 🙃

  • Nikunj P.
    28/04/2020 10:19

    Bhai Indian population ko dekho and dirtiest places and residences and biggest thing everywhere tea-stalls/ breakfast lari/ pan masala ke khumche and biggest bad habits of people addicted to above three places never thought of cleanliness. Simply khao or feko idher- udhar and chal pado. Apna kya bigdega to lo dekh lo kya bigda or kya paya. Very sad to suggest about Indians habits. Ghar me khake gharme thuka and result ab samne hai.

  • Panchi A.
    28/04/2020 09:28

  • Sanym S.
    28/04/2020 06:25

    Lgta hai Chinese pharmaceutical companies ko jyada fayda nhi hua. Better luck next time. Koi aur virus shayd china ko profit dede. Best of luck Chinese pharmaceutical companies....

  • Elisabeth W.
    28/04/2020 05:58

    We will have a second surge in France when lockdown will end, scientists warned the government.

  • Vijayendra B.
    28/04/2020 05:28

    if there's no mass testing we should be ready for the second wave.

  • हर्ष श.
    28/04/2020 05:26

    Japan and South Korea have been exceptional in handling Corona crisis after the initial outburst. In comparison, countries like USA and those in Europe have failed totally. Even our country is struggling in a major way. ☹

  • Akdess D.
    28/04/2020 05:15

    Nmn g

  • Shamik G.
    28/04/2020 05:14

    That was some background music.

  • Praveen K.
    28/04/2020 05:08

    If you won't do mass testing then you would never feel safe to lift the lockdown.

  • Brut India
    27/04/2020 13:19

    Scientists believe that India may also see a second surge in Covid-19 cases during the monsoon:

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