Kamala Harris And The Idlis Of Southern India

She may not have won the US election just yet, but she sure has won Indian hearts. The Democratic vice-president candidate Kamala Harris says she relishes her idli sambar as much as she enjoys a plate of tikka.

06/11/2020 11:58 AM
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  • Vn B.
    21/11/2020 14:57

    Initially I had reservations about her candidature because of her pro pakistani attitude But i lisened her speeches and convinced that she is a presidetial material can stand for 2024 elections

  • Neil B.
    14/11/2020 01:42

    Who cares, pig

  • Bhagavath S.
    12/11/2020 18:56

    Please visit Chennai, we will offer you delicious Idly, vada, sambar, chutney and fresh filter coffee.

  • Sage S.
    12/11/2020 06:39

    Beautiful 🥀 Vice President elect Kamala Harris. My favourite is also Idli and sambar. 👍

  • Devid A.
    11/11/2020 21:41 Shocking armenia war videos

  • Rajendra A.
    11/11/2020 20:09

    And her favourite breakfast is bacon and fried eggs ( full English breakfast)

  • Irene T.
    11/11/2020 18:01

    Love you Kamala Harris!Congrats to you and Mr President Biden..May GOD give you both the Power and Strength to fight the DEVIL!!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Nijhum S.
    11/11/2020 17:32


  • Amitabho S.
    11/11/2020 17:26

    Eu choosr idle?i also eat et

  • Sudhanshu B.
    11/11/2020 13:02

    She should stop funding drugs and take on big fraud pharma and media of some share holders and reduce migration tamils not beg there but encourage her popularity she funds church of her father and chennai Hindu temples of her ancestors make good relationship between india china pakistan solve Kashmir issues by dialogue between india pakistan

  • Sudhanshu B.
    11/11/2020 13:02

    Previously a Republican (Trump) was identified as India’s greatest friend. Now a Democrat (Kamala) is being identified as a Indian. You “Indian media”...😂

  • Mohammed S.
    11/11/2020 12:04


  • Grant A.
    11/11/2020 11:42

    So is she black or indian?

  • Meena M.
    11/11/2020 09:17

    Congratulations and best wishes God bless you and give you the strength to carry on best of luck

  • Siva K.
    11/11/2020 05:10

    Best wishes hope she will go forward,never forget her past..

  • Chinnaiah I.
    10/11/2020 20:14

    I lake Eitle and sapar

  • Meenakshi R.
    10/11/2020 19:12

    Congratulations to you,Mam and wish you good luck with your job

  • Jeba R.
    10/11/2020 17:29


  • Arasi M.
    10/11/2020 12:43

    Stop over doing your food entry any one for toast

  • Basco J.
    10/11/2020 12:14


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