• Ahmad A.
    24/01/2019 13:25

    First step is to ban plastic

  • C.
    20/01/2019 13:40


  • Amano M.
    20/01/2019 12:36

    I want to visit

  • Piyush S.
    20/01/2019 09:17

    Ohho kya baat hai . Ab to chale jaa

  • Jyoti S.
    20/01/2019 07:33

    See :)

  • Chettri T.
    20/01/2019 06:19


  • Rajat N.
    20/01/2019 02:35

    Let’s do this in New Delhi

  • Aditya S.
    19/01/2019 18:39

    Fithy Indians need to learn from this tiny African country.

  • Purabi P.
    19/01/2019 17:51

    A time will come when we will want to run to so called third world poor counties for fresh air to breath and water to drink.

  • Nataraj B.
    19/01/2019 17:18

    If only India cleans its office from corruption, religion ( in govt offices ) Only then you can expect some thing ( you really cannot imagine what revenue Indians are giving to the govt its huge )

  • Hameed A.
    19/01/2019 17:16

    Tamilnadu has banned plastic too

  • Makarand K.
    19/01/2019 17:02

    Shashank Puthran

  • Deepender S.
    19/01/2019 16:04

    Personal experience seriously Kigali is wonderful city by nature and cleaned too.

  • Anang M.
    19/01/2019 15:48

    Bhargav Joshi

  • Ashish B.
    19/01/2019 15:33

    Just compare it with our Sawach Bharat Abhiyan. People from Rawanda supported this initiative. On the other side, our Prime Minister started Sawach Bharat Abhiyan on 2014 and appealed people to join this and keep their city clean, but result didn't come as we expected. And still in 21st century we are facing pollution and garbage problems in India. Govt. started ban on plastic bag but we are still using it coz we Indian don't care for nature. It's really so sad. I don't know how our coming generation will survive here.

  • Abhilaash M.
    19/01/2019 15:26

    now we know why Mr. klöck run a business there

  • Yas M.
    19/01/2019 15:25

    oh man, wir müssen das ernsthaft Planen!

  • Umang K.
    19/01/2019 15:25


  • Jharna T.
    19/01/2019 14:56


  • Swamy G.
    19/01/2019 14:49

    When Rwanda can, why can't India ?

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