NYC Is The New Battleground Of Indian Politics

Ayodhya's Ram temple has lit up even Times Square. Here's how India's political controversies hit the streets of New York City.

08/07/2020 6:57 AM
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  • Arkam C.
    09/14/2020 05:32

    Its all shows by paid advertisement 😂😂

  • Kashif R.
    08/29/2020 09:56

    It was a commercial advertisement board, the Americans don’t care if they are getting money 😆

  • Yehia A.
    08/29/2020 02:19

    Their peoples are dying there no food in their country and the peoples living in slums yet chaiwala modi likes advertising in New York time square. Shame on u modi.

  • Yehia A.
    08/29/2020 02:17

    Thats the problem with third world country like indian all they do is beg the western countries for money. What was the need to advertise this in new York time square. The British and other western countries should stop giving money to these beggers

  • Dr-Nagle V.
    08/28/2020 17:26

    Oppose was huge...

  • K L.
    08/28/2020 02:20

    What's the problem with you man...see the countries occupied by Muslim there rights for other India should give freedom to such idiots ..

  • Bhagwan S.
    08/27/2020 17:27

    Love u modiji

  • Pattamadai S.
    08/27/2020 02:59

    Brut India In Particular is Anti Hindu & Overall Brut group for Terrorists Propaganda ...

  • Sandeep J.
    08/26/2020 14:36

    confirm tu Congressi page hai .. tujhe badi takleef hui hai ..

  • Ajit K.
    08/23/2020 12:10

    Some rice bag convertees and Antinational Jihadis of India always stand firmly agsinst everything Modi does, their intention is very clear to make this country to cent percent christianity or under the invasion theory of Gazwa E Hind. But I fail to understand why some Hindus, specially from Bramhin community are getting trapped in thier venomous theory.. Rather I suggest those who think India is under turmoil, and they are struggling for all odds are free to chose their nation and leave India without second thought, These people with anti national mind set are burden to our mother land in true sense.

  • Lipsita M.
    08/23/2020 03:48

    Really the intellect of youth nowadays is questionable, they hate their own country or their countrymen...But they praise the development of neighbouring countries. Must go for a reality check what base was provided from the ruling party in last 74years, what sort of issues country was facing from last 500 years..what you think with the help of a magical stick you can change the entire nation n their mindset.Sorry to say we are still not able to change our mindset and expecting the ministers, the officials to change everything. How many of us stopped spitting over the roadways, how many of us stopped converting the public place into lavatory, So let's think of this common practises,

  • Sarun N.
    08/21/2020 06:33

    Just keep on barking😂😂😂

  • Jamil B.
    08/20/2020 21:20

    Symbol of oppression, fascism, right wing mindset! New centuries hitler narendra modi!

  • Sand R.
    08/19/2020 02:11

    Half Kashmir was pakistan.n the other half belongs to hindustan, artical 370 embracing Kashmir as part of india with equal rights given to people of Kashmir is a very good decision hindustani goverment made! If u are against this n shout free kashmire means u r terrorist supporter ! Babar was a muslim invader who slaughtered tens of thousand of indians n he demolish Ram temple n built mosque on it , under the mosques lies Ram temple foudation , all hudustani muslims decendents were hindus n they were force by muslim invader to convert, all hindustani.muslims are hindus not arabs! Hindustan is hindu nation , its ok to support hindusiam in hindustan by building hindu temple on invader's moques. Even the Taj mahal grave is muslim invader who built it on top of hindu Shiv temple ! Why hindustan keeping Taj symbol to remind hindustan how they were defeated by outside muslim invader ! Time to demolish Taj n built a Shiv temple in it! Give the land back to all original hibdu temple,.change all roads, states, train station, etc back to original hindu names! Give Hindustan back to hindus, 1947 Hindus n.muslims land dividing was done, hindustani muslims was given pakistan n bangladesh, Ghandi didnt make hindustan as hundu nation because Ghandi was Nehru's puppet and Nehru was a muslim man. Hindus lost part of their land n still got cheated n still couldnt owe their land as a hindu nation!

  • Mamta B.
    08/18/2020 20:06

    Sick-u-liar n brut..... al....always working against d unifying social fabric of India......

  • Kham N.
    08/17/2020 14:02

    If Christians did the same thing in India, imagine what the consequences would have been? Thank God they're in a Christian country.

  • Ajay B.
    08/16/2020 19:26

    Bolne do... Takleef hua hai becharon ko

  • Bharat K.
    08/16/2020 11:40

    Stop spreading falsse news it didnt divide Indians, it has united us. Hindus got their temple land back and Muslims also got a piece of land so that they are not hurt either.

  • Abhijit K.
    08/16/2020 07:59

    And BRUT INDIA is a new platform for helping and funding terrorist all over india🙏♥️

  • Prasoon D.
    08/16/2020 05:56

    Dear Brut, I’ve seen YOUR video of those opposing Kashmir’s inclusion into India and they r all Muslims only.. all names taken by your interviewer mentioned in the video .. so don’t say “Indians” are divided pls .. we r not .. only they are

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