On Display: Indian Men Holding Hands

A British national was so taken in by the sight of Indian men holding hands that he turned it into a photography project. 👬📱

25/09/2019 4:57 AMupdated: 25/08/2020 11:26 AM
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  • Shadman S.
    10/10/2021 03:28

    this is huge in BD it’s a sign of frandshep 🤣

  • Sutha G.
    05/07/2020 13:22

    If u see such men treating women they marry as second priority compared to their make friends, I suspect these men to have some emotional, romantic attraction for men that they hold hands often. They may deny though out of fear coz you have to marry opposite gender eventually 😁

  • Syed M.
    17/10/2019 06:34

    Why people r getting offended even with the thoughts of two boys being gay? It's truth, many are gays but we are not as advanced and open minded as Westerners , no wonder people hide their identity and feelings here cause it's a taboo .

  • Neha S.
    17/10/2019 03:15

    Hahahahaha someone is as curious as us

  • Abhisek R.
    15/10/2019 13:32

    Cause life is not that synthetic... friend's care each other ... its very common in west bengal too.... its fyn and no offnce to lgbtq community everyone can hold hands share love and care be it friends partners husband wifes what so ever

  • Sakshi M.
    11/10/2019 13:24

    Peri Pratima

  • Bunty P.
    10/10/2019 00:25

    Indian men do a lot more then that together....😁😍😋 trust me....

  • Rana S.
    08/10/2019 05:28

    that's why modi always keep capturing trump's hands ...

  • Himanshu M.
    08/10/2019 05:23

    how were you two left ??? and Kaushal too🤣🤣😂😂😝😝

  • Lenoj C.
    05/10/2019 19:49

    We don't thing from in between our legs

  • Tenzin T.
    04/10/2019 07:53

    Don't need to be like westerners, be Indian, buy Indians. Be original!

  • Kamala S.
    03/10/2019 05:06

    Even women hold hands when walking together and its due to love and friendship and not sexuality

  • Shyam S.
    03/10/2019 04:15

    We as Bharatis like doing friendship with everyone in this world it’s up to them who doesn’t understand or take this friendship in a wrong way .....

  • DrAijaz A.
    02/10/2019 09:55


  • Sunitha N.
    01/10/2019 04:20

    West are funny. Simple friendship gesture is seen as gay! How absurd!! In India holding hands or embracing is love, respect , warmth and friendship. Thanks to the social media which is now painting a different colour and changing mindset of the weak and influenced. Stay away ! Let us enjoy our culture.

  • Nisha S.
    30/09/2019 22:49


  • Sunil H.
    30/09/2019 15:38

    Its was common here in Nepal too, but slowly social medias youtubes has changed our cultural perspectives and now we hate to hold hand together as friends..we just talk with mobile on hands..we r brain fucked..

  • Nitin S.
    30/09/2019 15:24

    Do not let the western influence to pollute your brain. That’s how they try make other countries week and use it their advantage

  • Anucia J.
    30/09/2019 02:34

    Explains why Modi wanted to hold Trump's hand and walk down the arena 😍

  • Amir S.
    29/09/2019 18:01

    No bro it's not true....only bihari's do that....

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