On Display: Indian Men Holding Hands

A British national was so taken in by the sight of Indian men holding hands that he turned it into a photography project. 👬📱

25/09/2019 4:57 AMupdated: 25/08/2020 11:26 AM
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  • Anshika S.
    09/09/2019 21:48

  • Shraddha T.
    30/07/2019 13:11

    What we were talking about 😂😂

  • Ch A.
    22/01/2019 00:18

    Gayhind 😂

  • Fia A.
    21/01/2019 11:52

    Anand Sadana

  • Kapil K.
    19/01/2019 11:24

    In India if a man holding the hand of another man so directly soceity blame to their sexuality and tag them homosexual...

  • Ankita B.
    18/01/2019 06:57

    Remember tino asked the same question

  • Prem R.
    17/01/2019 14:59

    Thank you very much Mukherjee sir Apne you video share Kar Diya Kyunki yeh video Mera Desh tha Mere Dosto ke liye main problem se Sherni Kiya

  • Sherin R.
    17/01/2019 05:34


  • Bhagwanbhai R.
    16/01/2019 10:13

    Very good

  • Birendar A.
    16/01/2019 08:59

    Mai be hu

  • Hamsa N.
    16/01/2019 07:55

    NICU raw

  • Mansi K.
    13/01/2019 05:53

    I've noticed this xD

  • Subhankar Z.
    13/01/2019 03:13

    Homophobia in the form of abhorrence to other men comes from America in the 19th century. Before that, masculinity in other european nation included kissing on cheeks between two men. And later, this culture was taken into other nations, mainly African descent to be a more vulgar form of homophobia and even bring this between a father and a son. Its uncommon for fathers to be affectionate towards their boys. Homophobia came as religious prejudice that now evolved into a form of "anti-effeminacy" and "pro-molestation". When people can call you gay for not "taking advantage" of a woman, you know that homophobia isnt very 2019.

  • Nirav D.
    12/01/2019 18:13

    Western people have full of garbage in their minds. dirty thinking and culture they represent to world. ..They are not steady in their married life, they are becoming patient of depression, because they are idiots, two males are friends and they can walk with holding hands like brothers. ...Western people have really dirty minds

  • Aay G.
    11/01/2019 23:54

    because sexuality is not just somthing that u put in boxes and humans can express their affection withoit being labels

  • Kharmen P.
    11/01/2019 17:48

    You are idiot !

  • Samir A.
    10/01/2019 13:29

    It's very common in India Whereas in West holding hands of same sex seems like symbol of gay... But it is very common to hold hand even I often hold hands of my's like a symbol of friendship n love between friend s...

  • Karan V.
    10/01/2019 02:31

    Its a manner of india when you go into a village the boys in the feilds or roaming around most of them hold each others hands but why are you mixing up this western template to this..the picture he uploaded shows his thinking and culture in the way he writes or present it..we should not apply a westman template to this and give larger value to it.shame on people like you.first be some selfcultured know your culture.

  • Mitunjoy S.
    09/01/2019 10:54


  • Joshua S.
    09/01/2019 07:17

    Lol so unrealistic