• Abhinav S.
    05/23/2018 20:35

    It's a brilliant solution that they kill the poachers. We need this to be implemented across all the wildlife spaces in the world. Just shoot the poacher immediately.

  • Monica C.
    05/23/2018 16:07

    I wonder if you have to be a rhino for the same treatment to be given to rapists... I always thought that cows had the upper hand, but I guess this round goes to the 🦏... I want this man Yadav to be the man who hears all rape accused cases 🙌

  • Balamurali B.
    05/23/2018 15:14

    Tats good news

  • Ayushman S.
    05/23/2018 15:07

    People getting shot are the illegal bangladeshi immigrants who have unlawfully encroached and settled in the the heartland of this wildlife sanctuary. Most of them actually ARE poachers who are mercilessly killing these rhinos. Also 17 rhino deaths per year is a huge number considering Rhinos being an endangered species.

  • Wil F.
    05/23/2018 15:03

    I'm from Tamilnadu. Here yesterday innocent people were killed by our policemen for protesting against a harmful Sterlite factory in Thoothukudi. Our govt is corrupted by the factory owner and they are killing people. Even Modi is behind this scenerio. Are those animals.. Dear friends please support us.

  • Harishankar K.
    05/23/2018 09:32

    Save these animals there only a few of them, instead kill those who want to kill them there are about 7 billion a couple of humans hunters dead won't cause any problem.

  • Sudheer J.
    05/22/2018 17:51

    Nw its my duty place

  • Dhiresh P.
    05/22/2018 17:36

    Kill them Fucking undeserving humans

  • Mir U.
    05/22/2018 17:30


  • Animesh B.
    05/22/2018 15:58

    Excellent.job by rangers

  • Shantanu N.
    05/22/2018 15:54

    Should be adopted by every National Park

  • Rintu D.
    05/22/2018 14:25

    Non sense .... poachers are meant to be killed....all illegal Bangladeshi....

  • Anirudh C.
    05/22/2018 10:25

    Fuck them all

  • Tanveer S.
    05/22/2018 09:53

    I want to join with u bro

  • Soman N.
    05/22/2018 09:40


  • Sumit K.
    05/22/2018 07:08


  • Sachin M.
    05/22/2018 03:52

    Good going

  • Vishwa K.
    05/22/2018 03:31

    Absolutely right thing they are doing....Thank god Human Rights didn’t come....if they come to save those poachers shoot them too...

  • Samming T.
    05/21/2018 17:03

    Is this a park or dense forest..

  • Monish J.
    05/21/2018 14:44

    Good thing done by National Park guards.