Rihanna Officially Becomes A National Hero

Rihanna’s homeland gave her a special honour on the day it became the world’s newest republic.

02/12/2021 5:27 PM
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  • Japnam S.
    3 days

    Congratulations Rihana Ji

  • Cnppc C.
    04/01/2022 06:34


  • Irfan S.
    02/01/2022 13:09

    She can debut as male playback 🎤

  • BappaAditya S.
    30/12/2021 05:51

    Isn't the speaker clad in indian attire ??

  • Jari-pekka M.
    12/12/2021 17:35

    Amazing and Beautiful Rihanna

  • Chingsak K.
    09/12/2021 05:03


  • Oonagh O.
    07/12/2021 16:47

    Keep it national. Then we wouldn’t have this issue.

  • Sitaljit L.
    07/12/2021 11:59


  • Rumana A.
    07/12/2021 07:42

    I love her and her products too....

  • Justin L.
    06/12/2021 17:14

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  • Tauseef M.
    05/12/2021 18:32

    Whose voice is that? It is not getting clear.

  • Sami U.
    05/12/2021 17:19

  • Umesh N.
    05/12/2021 15:46

    Show it to gobar patra

  • Ndayambaje K.
    05/12/2021 11:04

    What an inspiration 👏 🙌 to our great sister 👏 ❤ 🤔✊💪✌✌

  • Chukhu T.
    05/12/2021 07:36

    This ceremony of Giving away title is nothing but a hangover from (monarch)british rule.

  • Er V.
    05/12/2021 06:19

    Unique voice and way of helping her nation she deserve this honor....congrats...

  • Dwivedi A.
    05/12/2021 05:31

    As so called national hero, she must look into its own country........rather than commenting on other countries internal matters.

  • Francis M.
    05/12/2021 00:22

    One Hero honouring another Hero

  • Sathyendra Y.
    04/12/2021 23:38

    Hope not to retreat in darkness corruption and lawless here... Tribute Great Britain....uncivilized to civilized...

  • Basset H.
    04/12/2021 20:17

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