Storm Over Pharrell Williams' "Mughal" Eyewear

Rapper Pharrell Williams’ trendy glasses at the Paris Fashion Week got Indians fuming. Here’s why!

25/01/2022 4:21 PMupdated: 26/01/2022 11:41 PM
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  • Kanjar D.
    28/01/2022 19:26

    I wonder where the copyright and trademark documents of the Mughals are :D

  • K V.
    28/01/2022 17:00

    No matter just enjoy the reality of holiwood

  • Aamir R.
    28/01/2022 11:16

    Proud of our rich history and it’s flamboyance

  • Nabajyoti B.
    28/01/2022 09:13

    ... Ejur pindhiba photo upload koriba. 😀

  • শাহ আ.
    27/01/2022 09:28

    Hindustan Ki taj for a reason …From architecture to jwellery,Mughals outclassed every empire .

  • Ashton F.
    27/01/2022 08:46

    5-7 tweets by some non employed retards and you make a video claiming indians are fuming Nobody even knew before u posted it.

  • Jhumpa C.
    27/01/2022 06:08

    Want to know who took it rather looted and stole it from India on the first place?The Golden bird called India was impoverished by this western white thugs!

  • Ashish S.
    26/01/2022 18:38

    No one's fuming. Those are some ugly ass glasses. Pharrell can keep the original one's or break em for all I care.

  • Aamir K.
    26/01/2022 17:30

    Background music plz

  • Brut India
    26/01/2022 16:28

    Foreign films and media often stereotype Indians, here's a few of the things they tend to get wrong:

  • Yushant K.
    26/01/2022 08:05


  • Saemul H.
    26/01/2022 07:57

    Funny how we are more than happy to claim any "Mughal" thing as ours and then abuse Mughals and their kin. Not that I have any affinity with them. Just thought it funny.

  • Piyush S.
    26/01/2022 07:46

    Why the hell were they not patented till? This incident looses my mind, bloody copy cats

  • Gautam A.
    26/01/2022 05:36

    Big deal - so what . Irrelevant post

  • Nutchy I.
    26/01/2022 02:21

    Imagine if it was copied from the Gupta dynasty, by now the jobless it cell would have boycotted Pharrell and Tiffanys.

  • Rashmi G.
    26/01/2022 01:21

    Nope, not fuming! Some sissy moghul made those horrible glasses, who cares? 🤣

  • Sana P.
    25/01/2022 20:17

    Waiting for some right wing fanatics to claim that it was made by prithviraj chauhan stolen by Mughals 😂😂

  • Arkaprabho K.
    25/01/2022 17:30

    It's just a God damn copy... What's the big deal?????

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