The Dichotomy In The Deaths Of Faizan And Floyd

FLOYD AND FAIZAN: One death sparked an unprecedented anti-racism movement in the US. The other has been nearly forgotten in India.

08/06/2020 12:57 PMupdated: 08/06/2020 3:55 PM
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  • Tenzin S.
    08/07/2020 08:47

    Take weapon with u while going outside. .nw situation has become like this

  • Deborah P.
    05/07/2020 02:32


  • Pranay M.
    05/07/2020 01:38

    Hame patha he Thu Muslims ka Chatt tha he only one side story dhikayega madharchodh brut

  • Deepak S.
    04/07/2020 21:23

    Brut spreads lie. Faizan death has been given with wrong facts.

  • Deepak S.
    04/07/2020 21:22

    It's lie. People are unnecessary protesting CAA, NRC in name of democracy and Secularism. India strongly needs such law.

  • Ntan K.
    04/07/2020 18:23

    If Floyd didn’t do any criminal action, He’ll be alive today..

  • Tahir A.
    04/07/2020 18:05

    this is india

  • Shabaz S.
    04/07/2020 18:00

    Every muslim should unite now, and speak against such thing, people are taking advantage that no one raising voice against brutality of muslims in India.

  • Veibhav S.
    04/07/2020 16:32

    Pelting stones on police got beaten up

  • Tushar A.
    04/07/2020 06:52

    Chup kar madarchod minority groups mera loudaa bhosidike

  • Ajit M.
    04/07/2020 03:32

    God wish

  • Ajit M.
    04/07/2020 03:32


  • Amin K.
    02/07/2020 17:28

    That is America and this is india

  • Rishabh P.
    02/07/2020 12:44

    Because the death of George Floyd is based in a racist and systemic system going back centuries. The anti-muslim ideology in India has existed in an impactful form ever since partition, less than a century ago. 2 extremely differnet cases of police brutality based on extremely different racial prejudices starting from vastly different time periods will obviously have different outrages. No dichotomy here but a serious lack of observation towards global racism and national racism.

  • Syed O.
    02/07/2020 07:40

    Shame on them. May god give the. Wrost death e

  • El R.
    30/06/2020 20:39

    Americans rose to their feet and defended their right to respect, why do your people sit on your knees? Americans are united, but you are not! Rise up!

  • Rehan R.
    29/06/2020 20:46

    No voice for mulims...shows the hypocrisy and haterad of so call open minded, axcepting,peaceful and democratic india

  • Karan M.
    28/06/2020 19:40

    The delhi video u showing is not complete u should also show the way how an IB officer was stabbed more then 70 times and many more police officers and threw him in the drain dont mislead anyone plz show the truth or dont show anythng i dont say the police is not crpt or these pepl are wrng but when you dont know dnt show

  • Yogesh P.
    28/06/2020 13:51

    Paid news 🖕

  • Kuwar S.
    27/06/2020 17:09

    @ brut , sorry dude you are f*cking forgetting India and USA is not same . India is a poor country and us is a super power . No matter what you print or show on videotapes only 1/2% population will not notice you. So if you were thinking that whole India should be burned over those deaths then you are wrong. In India everyday people die and I am commenting now may be some part in India people might be filming someone dieing and not helping him to take to the hospital. Please stop hatered and your nonsense philosophy of earning money by making our own citizens fight . Thuu hai saalo

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