The World's First Environmental Activists

The Bishnois of Rajasthan are famous worldwide for their tireless fight for eco-conservation. Thanks Envoyé spécial for the footage!

09/10/2018 2:17 PM
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  • Loveleen K.
    02/07/2019 14:59

    ...yeh dekho...something you should be very proud of

  • Pallawi B.
    21/06/2019 08:29

    Proud to be a part of this community.. I mean also trying to do a bit for our nature and environment... I think got this in my blood...

  • Deepika U.
    12/06/2019 06:47

    Hearr-warming to see such determination to fight for mother nature, their principles and beliefs. To understand nature one has to be Educated not literate.

  • Sai S.
    10/06/2019 07:47

    Get the bloody fellow to pay a heft 300 plus. Crows as fine to such village which is protecting the environment..

  • Brut India
    10/06/2019 04:54

    This Abohar wildlife sanctuary in the Bishnoi heartland is struggling to keep its animals safe:

  • Rita T.
    09/06/2019 17:19

    Uchh vichaar.

  • Pramendar V.
    08/06/2019 20:27


  • Ankur D.
    08/06/2019 14:25

    great sacrifices of bishnoi community

  • Gajraj B.
    08/06/2019 03:55

    Hope this will keep on inspiring people to protect and conserve our natural environment and show love and care for animals!

  • Sonu B.
    07/06/2019 13:56

    Great video

  • Sakshi N.
    06/06/2019 12:45

  • Ayaan H.
    06/06/2019 10:58

    Extremely Important message... ISLAM. It is the final religion of God and who follows it will succeed and who rejects it will get extremely extremely extremely painful punishment. As ISLAM is the final religion of God , it is perfect. I openly challange any human living on this earth to prove me any religion is better than Islam in any way , I am ready to accept it. The problem with hindus is that they are not following their religion ( Upanishads and Vedas) but they are following the caste system created by people. That means only Brahmins can read Hindu books as a result what they told people did. If people read Hindu scriptures they will find ( ekam eviditiyam) [chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1] which means God is only one without a second . That means according to Hindu scriptures , the God is one , only one. But some Hindus are saying that they have 200 gods and some say 300 gods. The Hindu scriptures say ( na tasya pratima asti) [svetasvatara Upanishad 4: 19] means of that one God there is no pratima . Pratima is a Sanskrit word which means a statue , picture , idol , photograph. Please tell me why you worship the idols (murti) in temple. It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures (Na casya kasuj na janita na cadhipah) [svetasavatara Upanishad 6:9] which means of That God there are neither parents nor Lord . In the Hindu scriptures Prophet Muhammad is mentioned as many as times that you will get tired only just reading them. He is mention as kalki avatar. He will born in sambala which means city of peace. If you translate it into Arabic it means Mecca and we know Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca. It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures that the name of Prophet Muhammad's father will be Vishnuyas which means servant of God and if you translate it in Arabic it means Abdullah and we know the name of the father of Prophet Muhammad was Abdullah..... Similarly Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in bible.

  • Michelle R.
    06/06/2019 10:19

    Beautiful🙏,listen,share, learn and act! ❤️

  • নিশাত র.
    06/06/2019 05:58

    Heroes ❤

  • Sankesh K.
    06/06/2019 03:03

    Nirma Bishnoi

  • Rohit R.
    06/06/2019 02:04

    Rajnish Bishnoi Pawan Bishnoi

  • Vimal C.
    05/06/2019 19:20

    Hats off.. Great Salute

  • Ambar B.
    05/06/2019 18:53

    I wish the whole world followed this

  • Balveer S.
    05/06/2019 17:30

    Today all Kashmiri pandit are saying proudly they are Hindu because of guru tagebhader ji who sacrifice his life to save all Hindus

  • Balveer S.
    05/06/2019 17:27

    It means brut India you don't know about Sikhism who fought for humanity

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