Was Kishore Kumar Mistreated During Emergency? Modi Thinks He Was

On the anniversary of the Emergency, here's one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's favourite tales about how singer Kishore Kumar was poorly treated during this period.

25/06/2019 5:57 AMupdated: 26/08/2020 9:36 AM
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  • Akbar A.
    05/07/2019 10:49

    We already read the history and so bored this guy only criticizing nehru Gandhi family, plz feku bhai we want some stories of the future also, and this year the best story teller award goes to you and only you

  • Shravan K.
    02/07/2019 02:47

    What he said is right. Congress rule was a dictatorship rule Hitlor. Even today we can see in leaders of any party. Because Congress are the mother of all parties. Our leaders are educated like that. The state of Indian politics were trained by congress. Slowly it should go from their minds that common man is the ultimate

  • Dennis P.
    01/07/2019 10:53

    Does BRUT verify this news?

  • Amarnathrajak R.
    01/07/2019 06:24

    Why to rekup old issues again n agan.

  • Kulraj R.
    28/06/2019 23:13

    Wah kitne responsible hain ham?

  • Sujith K.
    28/06/2019 18:11

    At present logo ko pita ja raha hai, jai sri ram bulwaya ja raha hai aur ye bhai saab abhi bhi purani baat leke baite hai...koi isko batao election khatam ho gaya hai, sukha pad chuka hai.

  • Mohammed S.
    28/06/2019 10:50

    Sanjiv bhatt ke saath bhi yehi hua

  • M A.
    28/06/2019 06:58

    Many ppls have done mistakes in past ,Like Kashmiri Pandit Hatyakand,,Sikh Hatyakand ,Gidra Hatyakand,,so many ,,,but no use of recalling past ,,,Think about feature,,,India badly needed , Employment, Education,Peace,,not for Masjid,Church, Mandir,& Statues,,,,,that money utilized in University, Library, Hospitals,,Aims,etc,,

  • Kishori K.
    28/06/2019 06:11

    Apne upper ek film banao (correction of banai).

  • Kishori K.
    28/06/2019 06:09

    Apne past ke baare me logo Ko batao,Kitab likho,free me bato,Apne upper ek film bhi banai.past me ji Raha hai.

  • Adv M.
    27/06/2019 16:40

    *slaps forehead* :/

  • Kurian K.
    27/06/2019 11:57

    forget that. Tell us do any scoundrel can justify why Sajeev Bhatt is in jail for your mass killings. Divert tactics of cunning breeds

  • Tareque H.
    27/06/2019 11:36

    Not prime minister but past minister.

  • Raita N.
    27/06/2019 10:46

    Did Indians do something seriously wrong collectively to endure this papa karma

  • SiA F.
    27/06/2019 09:56

    Modi Still scared of Congress n Gandhis 😁

  • Ruzbeh E.
    27/06/2019 04:43

    No one's interested in knowing this... Stop talking about the past...

  • Pradeep S.
    26/06/2019 20:17

    bus sab baten isse hi ptta hoti hai......aur ptta nhi kaha se gyan aata hai modi baba ko.......desh badh mai jaye bus dusri party ko nicha dekhao......

  • Chetna Y.
    26/06/2019 19:44

    Kishore Kumar is dead, emergency was in 1979. It's 2019, India is suffering from water crisis, unemployment, low GDP, and tragedy that took place in Bihar. What about these things..!!!

  • Siv S.
    26/06/2019 19:05


  • SuhAil W.
    26/06/2019 10:40

    Modi chutiye ar landar bhakti se kam gusaa hai

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