• Umar F.
    25/03/2019 09:16

    2 years is more than enough.Most people do change phones within 2 years.

  • Naveen B.
    24/03/2019 05:16

    Shreyaman Bhargava

  • Kendall A.
    23/03/2019 19:32

    this looks cool, they should make it with the supermaterial graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, as strong as diamonds but only one atom thick

  • Mohit N.
    23/03/2019 13:44

    Most annoying video on this channel ever. Fire the content writer right now

  • Ajay J.
    23/03/2019 07:43

    Kush Arora

  • Amrita J.
    22/03/2019 18:47

    Fee years back Samsung had flip phones..it was too much in trend..After few ppl started callin it Soap..how embarrassing it was to carry that.. Haha

  • Abu A.
    22/03/2019 16:11

    I suppose i can survive with 1 kidney

  • Ajy T.
    22/03/2019 16:00

    It's cost?

  • Meeth S.
    22/03/2019 14:31

    You drop the phone and there are chances you break all the 3 screens 😏

  • Akshay A.
    22/03/2019 13:50

    The lifetime is no better than the phones that we already have, so I think that's just fine. But when I think about it, having a regular phone and a laptop is still better.

  • Alibha M.
    22/03/2019 13:08

    You want this too right?

  • Romana R.
    22/03/2019 11:40

    Why you showing this to us if 'this is not for everybody'??😑

  • Chetan K.
    22/03/2019 11:37

    seriously? you think the manufacturers did not consider these 🤔

  • Neda H.
    22/03/2019 11:35

    wtf 😶😶

  • Milani S.
    22/03/2019 11:30

    My mother too had a foldable phone a decade back. Duh!

  • Raja R.
    22/03/2019 11:30

    You can see the crease after 30 unfolding!!!! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻😅

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