13-Year-Old With Hair Overgrowth Condition

Thirteen-year-old Lalit Patidar suffers from a rare hair overgrowth condition. But he doesn’t let monikers like Wolf Boy hold him back. 👦

24/02/2019 6:09 PM
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  • Jaswant S.
    21/11/2019 23:42

    It is more than good that his friends accpted an american boy at a airport saw asikh aged man with too much beards and moustaches He stopped to watch him Time was there he told his father he does not have amouth His father scolded the boy. Stilleager hesaw him drinking and speking to his son boys curosity dad he speak also. We comment and love charlie chaplin films boy is brave at heart that is enough and he is enjoying his childhood Great parents made him so big He will face the world in all odds.

  • Rahul S.
    17/11/2019 15:19

    Thank you lalit, God bless you

  • Suresh N.
    15/11/2019 14:51

    Why could you trim that hair grows..?

  • ರಘು ಸ.
    23/10/2019 02:41

    Get well soon

  • Punjab N.
    22/10/2019 06:37

    God bless him

  • Zeenat M.
    21/10/2019 18:05


  • Ankit D.
    21/10/2019 17:18

    he is surely winning 😇

  • M H.
    21/10/2019 16:54

    He'll never get bald for sure 🙎🏻‍♂️👍🏼

  • Shikhar P.
    21/10/2019 08:04

    Lazer hair removal therapy can help him to get rid of those hair

  • Luba V.
    21/10/2019 07:45

    Poor kid.he will flourish as a great man one day

  • Sikandar A.
    21/10/2019 06:37

    may the peace,mercy and blessings of all mighty God be with you..

  • Khan F.
    21/10/2019 05:00

    Stay blessed always

  • Nehaa K.
    21/10/2019 04:53

    God bless you brave boy

  • Justin H.
    21/10/2019 03:59

    Looks like he takes care of him self. His hair looks clean. God Bless you little man

  • Rakhi A.
    21/10/2019 01:21

    Some doctor can help him with laser treatment

  • Tejas R.
    21/10/2019 00:35

    He is really nice person. He took his negative factors has challenge and trying something new in the world. In this modern world he proved he as rights to be happy like others. And his teachers have played important role in his life to face the challenges.

  • Sonya S.
    20/10/2019 18:05

    He can't like trim himself like away from him mouth , nose and eyes

  • Kamakhya S.
    20/10/2019 17:33

    God bless you beta

  • Abrar N.
    20/10/2019 17:26

    That's why I believe in God. And thank Almighty Allah everytime, everywhere for everything He's given me! Alhamdulillah ❤️👍 Allah bless you brother 💙😢

  • Ajit P.
    20/10/2019 16:31

    There are so many other good things to show about India

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