• William M.
    09/06/2021 13:07

    My parents said - We provide money , there's nothing to worry about .Just Study🙂

  • Riya G.
    01/06/2021 17:56


  • Mitali M.
    28/05/2021 04:03


  • محمد ش.
    25/05/2021 21:21

    Huh .. can definitely say : im one of you :'(

  • Jagdamba J.
    20/05/2021 11:44


  • Sadaf S.
    18/05/2021 18:33

    same condition with us ~ sibilings 🥺

  • Supriyo M.
    16/05/2021 10:42

    Laude ka depression! Sarr k opr chad aur 2 time ka khana Milne k baad v.... Yeh sab balchodi bandh nehi hota tumlog ka.

  • Dhrubajyoti R.
    12/05/2021 00:14

    Agar ma ko main ye dikhane jau , to mujhe double maar padegi 🥱🥱🥱

  • Kashish S.
    07/05/2021 15:12

    Justt amazinggg❤

  • Meenal S.
    05/05/2021 14:14

    Its Sad when parents just need respect and order children. They dont hear their kids.This video clearly shows that they also need respect and wantto be heard. Do not judge these are different times.

  • Sakina H.
    28/04/2021 21:27

    Parents need to make connections with a child before correcting them ... N in schools kids are never taught how to control their emotional intelligence ... That's why when something is triggering ...teens don't know how to manage their emotions ...

  • Mayur M.
    26/04/2021 08:18

    Such a stupid video, no sense at all.

  • Seven B.
    26/04/2021 04:47

    Barkha Singh ❤

  • Maman D.
    25/04/2021 10:55


  • Susmita S.
    24/04/2021 04:34

    vdo ta amdr maa babak dekhale vlo hoto!

  • Gourav V.
    23/04/2021 17:04

    Saale khud ke life ko samaz nh paa rahe kuch hota nh hai kuch aata nh aur rona rote ho.... What u know about struggle... Nothing.... Saale itna make up krke rona ro rahe camera ke saamne .... Chutiya logo

  • Mohd M.
    22/04/2021 22:38

    Mental illness is just excuse to hide the failures ,lol 😂

  • Chitvan S.
    21/04/2021 09:03

    I don't really like it when mom or dad tries to talk...so i tell them not to knock...i stay locked up in my room...and I'm happy most of the time...sometimes i feel bad and sad for not allowing them in my life...but i really need my space...to understand, to grow...to heal and learn to love again...

  • Soumyodip S.
    19/04/2021 15:53

    Dill ki baat kahediya

  • Manish K.
    19/04/2021 15:49

    A youtuber just positively criticized Prajakta kohli and she fucked that dude's career by claiming the his content and abusing him and then in a show she was laughing about him and said ya i made all the money 😂 mam stop your mental health shitty lines you piece of shit 🙏 just shut the fuck up you hypocrite shit