Ain't No Barrier High Enough (For Baby Elephant)

An anxious baby elephant was struggling to climb over a concrete barrier along a highway in Kerala. This is how its mother swooped to its rescue.

06/07/2020 5:57 PMupdated: 07/07/2020 8:24 AM
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  • Shobana N.
    08/07/2020 16:35

    There should be friendly corridors for them to move to the other side.🤔🙄

  • Shailesh K.
    08/07/2020 09:29

    The most selfish creature on earth are we people that was the result during lock down people inside locked in home and animals free in natural beauty Covind 19 is warning alarm for all Mankind.

  • Deepa M.
    07/07/2020 11:32

    Corona Virus is here to teach humans a good lesson . If we destroy nature,it knows how to take its power back. Beware Humans, we are in great danger. Let animals live in their land. Don't encroach or kill !!!

  • Neeta B.
    07/07/2020 09:48

    Humans are destroying mother Nature.

  • Dibakar G.
    07/07/2020 09:47

    That day i watched another video when a baby elephant was in gorge and her mother was trying to pull him up

  • Shafeeq H.
    07/07/2020 08:46

    So sorry

  • Pratima B.
    07/07/2020 03:11

    Yes it's true. In the coming years people will have to learn to live with the wild animals.😥

  • Neha P.
    07/07/2020 02:43

    see this little one....such a cutie😍😍

  • Ashish S.
    07/07/2020 02:35

    Mother's love is unconditional wheather its human being or animal.

  • Shirley S.
    06/07/2020 19:42

    It's sad that humans selfish ways have bought upon destruction to the wildlife.

  • Scientific I.
    06/07/2020 18:48

    Making a wildlife corridor seems a practical step towards a better relationship between human & wildlife.

  • Vijay M.
    06/07/2020 18:27

    There is nothing heartwarming about how man with his myopic mind senselessly puts hurdles on Wildlife.

  • Brut India
    06/07/2020 15:31

    In another heartwarming video, watch a mother help her baby elephant to safety:

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