• Asad S.
    23/03/2022 16:53

    bhaijaan aap ko yaha dekh k khush hu😊 aise hi logo ki help krte rhiye....

  • Rahit S.
    23/03/2022 13:45

    Mashallah Bhai bahut khub

  • Gourav G.
    23/03/2022 13:09

    Great job Bhai ❤️

  • Nawaz I.
    23/03/2022 10:46

    bhai what an initiative hats of maan❤

  • Karan S.
    22/03/2022 03:07

    so nice

  • Vijayaraghavan S.
    21/03/2022 11:30

    If you love humans and humanism,nothing is impossible Great work sir.

  • Faheem A.
    21/03/2022 08:30

    Yaar tumne tou mujhe mere baab ki yaad diladi 😭 Even he was a ambulance driver for 15years and saved un countable lives in remote village, At last even his last breath was in ambulance 😭 Inshallah my dream is now to donate an ICU on wheel Ambulance🚑 to save lives who can't afford a ambulance

  • John K.
    21/03/2022 07:57

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  • Firdoshi R.
    21/03/2022 05:09


  • Hrishi D.
    21/03/2022 04:34

    Noble work should always be appreciated. We need more people to do the same.....

  • Brut India
    21/03/2022 04:13

    Meet his inspiration, West Bengal’s Ambulance Dada: https://www.thebetterindia.com/244028/karimul-haque-ambulance-dada-motorbike-west-bengal-first-aid-padma-shri-jalpaiguri-medicine-inspirational-vid01/amp/

  • Ashit K.
    21/03/2022 03:02

    Great initiative.

  • Hardik S.
    21/03/2022 02:37

    Great 👍🏻 Amazing 🤩

  • Mustafa C.
    20/03/2022 19:34

    MashAllah keep up

  • Hervé F.
    20/03/2022 18:24

    Thanks for his action 👏🏽 May he stays strong and blessed

  • Syed A.
    20/03/2022 17:07

    Hats off to the gentleman 👌🏻

  • Shantilal K.
    20/03/2022 17:05

    Excellent work keep it up 👏 god bless you and your family.

  • Swappna S.
    20/03/2022 16:49

    Really hatsoff to this noble man 🙏 but still it may difficult to render services on emergency cases on this 2 wheeler ambulance. hope this village soon get full pledged Healthcare services @ affordable prices

  • Yahya M.
    20/03/2022 16:36

    Insaniat ki khidmat ke leye Allah tala aap ko jajaye khair bakhshe.Aur Aap ki is Mehnat ko qabul kare.Ameen.

  • Maliha S.
    20/03/2022 16:33

    Ambulance jihad😂😂

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