An 'Oxygen Scam' In Delhi-NCR

As families scramble desperately for oxygen to save their loved ones, unscrupulous people are cheating them out of large amounts of money, and precious time. Watch this to know more. 👀

06/05/2021 1:43 PM
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  • Aamit K.
    22/05/2021 14:34

    Update four men have been arrested in this connection all belonging to chote Chaudhary gang

  • Aamit K.
    22/05/2021 14:30

    If very easy to nab such people if the money was transferred online such as Paytm or Gpay all these gateways will have KYC

  • Jewel M.
    19/05/2021 08:00

    People scamming people during such times should definitely get corona.... that's what they deserve.... world better place without them

  • Neil R.
    14/05/2021 17:22

    Your fault for getting scammed you idiot. Your to blame if anybody dies as you will have no money left if a real person selling a cylinder comes along

  • Praveen P.
    13/05/2021 07:19

    May such scammers be found and given maximum punishment. 😡

  • Praveen P.
    13/05/2021 07:17

    She did the right thing. Otherwise more and more people would have died.

  • Naren V.
    12/05/2021 17:09

    I hope those scammers burn in hell!

  • Anant G.
    11/05/2021 11:43

    Why don't police use the ac number in which the payment was made

  • Bilal A.
    10/05/2021 15:03

    There should be a separate place in hell for these people

  • Akanksha A.
    10/05/2021 03:48

    Shameful.. Here we r failed when people try to take advantage during a time of need during a pandemic

  • Nitesh K.
    09/05/2021 21:55

    This is what you call end of humanity. Hopefully if there's any one watching over us, give him what he deserves.

  • Roshan B.
    09/05/2021 17:34

    There are plenty of such people who are taking undue advantage of the situation. Selling in black is also a scam. All thanks to our leader whose priority is 20000cr Central Vista but not health

  • Ranak C.
    09/05/2021 14:40

    Even i called the same racket, named as Durga gas agency. When i asked to submit their pan card number, he never sent. Only then i was sure that this person is fake. I also intimated Delhi police for the same

  • Nitin B.
    09/05/2021 14:35

    Thanks to kejriwal n team .. for scams

  • Tanay N.
    09/05/2021 12:36

    Same thing happening in kolkata

  • Ashis K.
    09/05/2021 04:45

    This is the culture we are from. This is the lowest level of human existence we can stoop down to. Disgusting.

  • S T.
    08/05/2021 14:58

    I hope they and their families die with this same disease and they will also suffer for the same type of scam.

  • Swati S.
    08/05/2021 13:46

    When you will choose thieves to run country how can you expect normal people

  • Priya D.
    08/05/2021 12:54

    India is scam... nobody trust India. Education scam, engineer became scam. Hospital is big scams. Politicians are scam. I feel shame to call myself indian girl. Religious issues, public issues, endless issues... So sad I feel. When people laugh on me . U 🇮🇳 made everyone life so challenging... We all lost 😔 respect internationally. People say whole country is in poverty line....

  • Ania C.
    08/05/2021 11:41

    Low lifes like these need to be jailed

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