Crying Child Scared For Cop Father’s Life

"Corona is out there, papa!" As his father left for police duty, this terrified child broke down. 😢😢

12/05/2020 11:17 AM
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  • Lê T.
    18/05/2020 20:02

    Salute to our Police officers

  • Hussain A.
    16/05/2020 21:27

    well he's gonna go out there beat up poor and helpless people for no reason this what theyr doing at the moment it's all over the news it's a enjoyment for them he's not gonna help anyone

  • Nabila F.
    14/05/2020 12:33

    It's so sad. Especially for us front liners. I saw a police man sleeping on the Bonet of his jeep the other day while coming home from work. They must get so tired.

  • Rose D.
    13/05/2020 23:09

    God bless you

  • Gagan K.
    13/05/2020 14:31

    🙏🙏 May God keep you safe

  • Macabante L.
    13/05/2020 07:36

    kids was worried about his dad.. Heart breaking scene..😭

  • Pragati B.
    13/05/2020 04:35

    BHAGWAN in sab ki raksha kare. Hat's off to all the covid-19 warrior's.

  • Kirti N.
    12/05/2020 22:49

    God bless you and all the front warriors 🙏 May almighty protect each one of you... God bless you all

  • Paul F.
    12/05/2020 18:31

    Well the parents should be more careful what they say in front of the child As this is were she gets her fears from

  • Rahul J.
    12/05/2020 17:20

    But in first instance it seems he was removing his belt to beat.

  • Abed A.
    12/05/2020 15:15

    A least pigs children should say please don't beat any one

  • Manmit K.
    12/05/2020 14:39

    Thank you all

  • Archana D.
    12/05/2020 12:44

    God bless you and your family sir

  • Ningombam R.
    12/05/2020 11:32

    His mother is terrified. So is he

  • Brut India
    12/05/2020 11:31

    Maharashtra may seek the deployment of central reserve forces to provide relief to the overworked police personnel:

  • Mansoor A.
    12/05/2020 11:28

  • Uma K.
    12/05/2020 11:28

    Great warriors of our safety, Let's do a favour by staying at home

  • Bunty A.
    12/05/2020 11:27

    Sad to hear. Thanks for your service.Pray for the safety of You and your family . 🙏

  • Sudhir S.
    12/05/2020 11:26

    One feels for them and their families.

  • Venkatesh P.
    12/05/2020 11:22

    Very SAD news..RIP Sir🏵️

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