How Hitler Is Viewed In India

Hitler may have a global reputation as a genocidal dictator but, in India, many view him as a strong leader.

02/05/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Rahul R.
    08/04/2019 02:01

    Great Nazi Leader charm is globally . Hem 🦅🦅🦅🦅

  • Moji H.
    02/08/2018 06:33

    india loves hitler way more than some students studying in a university yet Israel deliberately supports India. Those tweets dont mean anything as you can see.

  • Aftab K.
    23/04/2018 19:33

    Hitler is hero of RSS

  • Raihan I.
    23/04/2018 14:48

    Ah.. typical American page. Spreading out hate as always.

  • Raihan I.
    23/04/2018 14:47

    This page should be rated as "C U Next Time"

  • Jesse H.
    23/04/2018 14:25

    Also a great military leader it took the world to stop him

  • Abdelfatah S.
    23/04/2018 04:37


  • Pacho R.
    23/04/2018 02:18

    Hitler was one hell of an intellectual js

  • Rifat H.
    22/04/2018 23:29

    excuse sir adolf hilter was best leader in the world because whatever happens in world after 2nd world war more people kill by American, isreal and his NATO alliance. if hilter won the world war their peace in world.

  • Friedrich A.
    22/04/2018 20:45

    Hitler was a Great Leader. I spit on the lie of the holocaust.

  • Mohamad R.
    22/04/2018 03:29

    Thanks to hitler.. if not..america will not exist.. jewish will dominate the world.. want prove? Look at israel.. what they do to palestine now.. israel is jewish

  • Brendan S.
    22/04/2018 02:46

    Yeah, but FDR made it legal to round up countless Asian Americans and put them in interment camps. That's different becausee....?

  • Ian P.
    21/04/2018 21:05

    Who are we to tell another society how to raise their children.

  • Adam R.
    21/04/2018 14:03

    There are too many “ yeah, but”s in these comments. A great leader not only has the influence to get people to do what he says and to follow his command, he also does what is right and just. Attempting to commit genocide is not doing what’s right or just. Would you say that Idi Amin was a great leader, despite the fact that he killed hundreds of thousands of people under his regime?

  • Kevin E.
    21/04/2018 09:37

    People like Hitler only rise to power when there is widespread desperation among the general populace. They make use of this desperation to point fingers, blame others, all in the name of national unity.

  • Ali H.
    21/04/2018 07:53

    if modi is on the list then whats wrong with hitler

  • Sami K.
    21/04/2018 06:48

    Hitler did nothing wrong dumbfuck.. The way these mofus are killing innocent Syrian people and claiming their lands as if it's their parents' property.. 100more times these shitheads deserve death.. and undoubtedly Hitler is one of the greatest leaders with a great leadership ability.. If you ever tried to read some history before.. Churchill killed more people.. Just because you won that war.. That doesn't mean you can change the history according to your own convenience.

  • Naushad D.
    21/04/2018 02:55

    Shame on people who are supporting this kind of ideology he massacred innocent people period whoever do this kind of torture and murders r guilty no matter what religion country. Become humans first.

  • Notsniw A.
    21/04/2018 00:11

    How many black did America leaders kills. But they all are call great leaders. Maybe he know something we don't know. Or maybe he was just evil. Who knows

  • Chavez M.
    20/04/2018 23:28

    How stupid are the Indian people?

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