How Hitler Is Viewed In India

Hitler may have a global reputation as a genocidal dictator but, in India, many view him as a strong leader.

05/02/2018 10:00 AM
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  • Rahul R.
    04/08/2019 02:01

    Great Nazi Leader charm is globally . Hem 🦅🦅🦅🦅

  • Moiz T.
    08/02/2018 06:33

    india loves hitler way more than some students studying in a university yet Israel deliberately supports India. Those tweets dont mean anything as you can see.

  • Siddhartha S.
    04/17/2018 04:08

    Hitler obviously was a great leader just Not for the Jews😂😂

  • Mark H.
    04/15/2018 17:13

    But the truth of it is yes a very evil man however a man who managed to lead the practically three , four countries to one of the most horrific wars ever and nearly won too The rest is sales on a book which essentially is despised and the bloke who comments on this correct Its just a book about a man who had incredible leadership skills no one could say anything to the contrary The more people get upset over this The more it will sell That simple , supply and demand and age old story apart from which its history anyway If you think this bad now , well there is no telling what these three , four and more leaders might do TRUMP , PUTIN and MAY The only difference being is that their actions may well spell the end of the world and its entire populations You might derive from this that none of our current leaders have learn t anything at all about world war 2 and the devastation that was left behind for the entire world but at least some survived Then if you equally consider that the entire world is coupled via the Internet , what dangers have all three leaders and others presented their countries with on todays expectation of possible peace with their actions ? I cant say to many look at any of them to date and think they are clever or even so much as wised up to what this would or could bring now could you ? I couldnt even say they or even remotely interested in peace otherwise given the technologies that are in all hands and we know not who can or could be trusted with some this is now a real danger to everyone would you not say too ? Viewing the world in general and the level of violence in told , both in our own countries and any other country that what they have decided without our knowledge and in direct contradiction to united nations resolutions is in the interest to unilateral peace in fact far from this they have ignored many propels advice both professional and otherwise on an international basis and have done nothing but incite civil war and trouble throughout the globe and brought immense suffering through their own selfish political attitudes and show of power I don't think most sensible people could say that their actions by todays standards reflect what we hoped might be some form of real progress with relevance to past wars could you or even commensurate to advances in technologies By todays standards one would think that having all the communicative power there is to have throughout the globe why then is it than none can even talk , answer , pick up a phone or even listen to those far wiser and far more experienced with relevance to past conflicts and bearing in mind that their positions of power between them should at the very least enable them to co operate and respond with at least some dignity between them I know this much though but then I knew long ago , no one will survive this one if this goes their way Now perhaps ask yourself the same questions of your current leaders which is worse these ones we have had to date over the last 15 years or more or ta book about Hitler You at least had some chance of winning then today there will be no winners in this one I wonder what you might be thinking now

  • Lavi H.
    04/15/2018 10:27

    Shobitji, it's not propoganda,would you say that aurangzeb murdered millions of Hindus or forcibly converted millions of Hindus to muslims is propoganda? shame on you

  • Lavi H.
    04/15/2018 10:20

    he's the devil himself

  • Joy C.
    04/15/2018 09:21

    A small group of people is nt the Indian perception

  • Shrivatsa S.
    04/15/2018 04:11

    Brut's admin need to get his head out of his ass.

  • Krishna W.
    04/15/2018 02:08


  • Anand S.
    04/14/2018 23:42

    Ha ha Dear Brut you seem to have a rod of red chilli rammed up your arse. Why so? Winston Churchil, the sot, philanderer, and egotist, was nothing as compared to (the great) Hitler. Now, talking of the holocaust, which leader of that era had a clearer hand than Hitler's? Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill they were all mass murderers. If you can regard Churchill as a war hero, why can't we take Hitler as one of the greatest leaders of all time? Just f**k off you bloody Brut (Brit)... Quit India. P.S- the holocaust was not monitered by Hitler, it was carried out by one of his commanders. Hitler knew little of it. But you won the war, you wrote the history, so you can vilify him as much as you like. Love from India.😉

  • Gaurav P.
    04/14/2018 21:22

    Yup bro but y???

  • AR Y.
    04/14/2018 20:22

    C it bro I told u....

  • Ayan S.
    04/14/2018 20:16

    Good to see the kind of videos is making. Keep up the good work!

  • Maruthi C.
    04/14/2018 19:37

    , check it out

  • Guneet K.
    04/14/2018 19:36

    God!! value left in truth these days....its just my opinion, your opinion, dont touch any opinion because it makes people mad.

  • Dharun R.
    04/14/2018 18:26

    Whats wrong when modi is present in the cover 😂😂😂

  • Kush M.
    04/14/2018 18:26

    Brut fuck you. ye dekhio

  • Addy T.
    04/14/2018 18:09

    Your page name should be butt hurt rather than burt

  • Addy T.
    04/14/2018 18:07

    In whole world he is seen as a strong leader and a dictator

  • Sujit D.
    04/14/2018 17:51

    But he was a great leader. Yes ge did bad things but for native people he was like god.