Is This Film Based on Sridevi’s Death?

Wink sensation Priya Prakash Varrier is making her Bollywood debut with Sridevi Bungalow. But why is the film’s trailer copping so much criticism on social media? 😉🛁😕

01/17/2019 1:32 AM
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  • Deepak D.
    01/17/2019 01:47

    My god I am already thinking about the producer. .He is gone 😂🤣

  • Kishore P.
    01/17/2019 01:48

    I saw the trailer... I don't think the acting was that great... But hey... Who am I to judge... 😐

  • Deepak D.
    01/17/2019 01:49

    People like her shows that anyone can become an actress 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Daryll D.
    01/17/2019 02:14

    Amateur acting! Should've taken the film with an experienced actress! After all she's just a show off actress

  • Rajratna G.
    01/17/2019 02:16


  • Vigneshwar V.
    01/17/2019 02:16

    Publicity stunt

  • Manikantan T.
    01/17/2019 02:34

    Brut, if you people are much worried, why do this post?? So that more people know that some people didn't like her act and making fun of her?? You want more people to criticize her just seeing the trailer? Your questions are superb, as if a 2 year old kid is asking the parent...

  • Mohan S.
    01/17/2019 02:48

    How about she give Boney Kapoor a wink? It just might work.

  • Akash R.
    01/17/2019 02:56

    Now where is freedom of speech or expression That all b'wood promotes in past About film script acting cinematography etc. let see once movie is on floor

  • Swapna C.
    01/17/2019 03:08

    God bless u dear all the best

  • Kakarot D.
    01/17/2019 03:12

    Make up utaroo tu chutiya dikhti hai...

  • Varun U.
    01/17/2019 03:17

    Lol "which is why I chose the movie" fake 😐😂

  • Jose J.
    01/17/2019 03:25

    Whats the great deal in it? Is this such an important news to be reported? Keep your srandards up Brut...

  • Rahul G.
    01/17/2019 03:28

    Why you have blurred ANI?

  • Reagan K.
    01/17/2019 03:55

    What a amateur actor..can do. ?

  • Iman C.
    01/17/2019 03:57

    kitna makeup

  • Ronak
    01/17/2019 04:01

    Dekho yeh movie me bhee aagyi See no-one cares

  • Prashant M.
    01/17/2019 04:05

    bollywood has a history of seeking free publicity, but how could a person could drown in bath tub, all the best for sridevi bungalow, director could change the name to chandni bungalow, as sri was famously known...

  • Sowndarrya S.
    01/17/2019 04:14

    trailer aye verithanama parpan

  • Kshitiz G.
    01/17/2019 04:23

    Abhay Dubey bc makeup se kya Kya ho jaata hai