• Soumyadip S.
    21/10/2019 10:09

    Muh meh rajnigandha aur kadmo meh dunia

  • Sushim M.
    30/09/2019 15:39

    Nimala Tai will blame the millennials again for the down in the iPhone sales.

  • Sandeep A.
    26/09/2019 14:32

    We don't need to pretend ! Iam fine

  • Zack Y.
    26/09/2019 07:02

    i use iphone because of ios not a brand 😂😂

  • Unais U.
    25/09/2019 22:55

    To be frank the new version of IPhone after 6 was complete waste

  • Park K.
    25/09/2019 08:36

    All the trouble and had to spend those extra money too, I'd rather use an el cheapo phone proudly. Real Indian parents gonna whack you with broom and selipar/flip flop upon finding out how you stupidly spend the money to stick that phone.

  • Ibrahim M.
    22/09/2019 18:38


  • Amardeep S.
    20/09/2019 03:09

    Chutiya tech burner se video copy kiya hai tumne

  • Ashis K.
    19/09/2019 14:51

    And does this bugging moron of a journalist understand that using Apple logo that way is a clear case of intellectual property violation??

  • Hakim T.
    19/09/2019 09:58

    There is a video on copyright infringement, with faces of people on the video. You can be sued bro. Who was the smart ass who decided to publish he video?

  • Kim S.
    18/09/2019 17:36

    thats why some ppl like to lie to themselves for living..to get something that is not, life still goes on with or without new phones

  • Cecil D.
    18/09/2019 13:15

    How stupid ! Why do Indians want to buy an iPhone ?. To show off ?.

  • R-Sha W.
    18/09/2019 01:23

    Just be honest to yourself. Don't try to fake it and embaress your self cause truth always gonna came out .

  • Himal T.
    17/09/2019 11:27

    way of insulting oneself 🤣

  • Anchor V.
    17/09/2019 10:16


  • Rajiv B.
    17/09/2019 09:55

    I am happy with Note 10 plus. iPhone is not a status brand anyways outside India.

  • Rajiv B.
    17/09/2019 09:54

    What's the benefit?

  • Vinay G.
    17/09/2019 00:45

    akhand garibi

  • Kirti D.
    15/09/2019 14:42

    social networking site par kyoo izzat uchaal raha hai

  • Sheikh N.
    15/09/2019 11:50

    I mean is it really necessary to get an iPhone look on urs?

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