• Rohit S.
    02/19/2019 12:39

    Please don't Defend this person !!

  • Shah R.
    02/19/2019 12:40

    Thats the only solution! Otherwise you will get killed everyday!

  • Ubaid S.
    02/19/2019 12:41

    Why govt of India scared to hold plebiscite in Jammu and Kashmir If 5% of Kashmiris want Independence... Lets wrestle

  • Addy S.
    02/19/2019 12:42

    PAKISTAN Zindabad

  • Atul G.
    02/19/2019 12:42

    चाचा 420

  • Arun A.
    02/19/2019 12:43

    Immatured medias dont understand what kamalji mentioned... Kamalji is always with indian people and our armies...

  • Akash B.
    02/19/2019 12:44

    Jab tak apni [email protected] me danda nahi ghusta tab tak pata nahi chalta ki kitna dard hota h.... Bakchodi to koi bhi pel de... Duniya bhari padi h bakcodi pelne ke liye 😒😒😒😒😒😏😏😏😏...

  • Ghazi M.
    02/19/2019 12:47

    Oh so talking about a solution recommended by the UN is "controversial" in India. Interesting

  • Atal B.
    02/19/2019 12:47

    Theses morons are crap for the nation

  • Sathish K.
    02/19/2019 12:48

    Even if Kashmir gain freedom from India the next day I feel it will surly get occupied by either Pakistan or China.So,it's very dangerous to both India and Kashmir .its to going debacle for both india and Kashmir.

  • Nida R.
    02/19/2019 12:49

    Lolzz since he said what all the world is saying suddenly he became controversial

  • Arjun A.
    02/19/2019 12:50

    Madarchod chachi 420

  • Ishant S.
    02/19/2019 12:50

    first you drive out Kashmiri Pandits to change demography and then ask for voting outstanding move !

  • Deepak M.
    02/19/2019 12:51

    The list is so so big. We have many Blacksheep in our country.

  • Utsav B.
    02/19/2019 12:52

    sunio, phir baat karte hain

  • Hamza J.
    02/19/2019 12:56

    کشمیر بنے گا پاکستان ❤ روک سکتے ہو تو روک لو 👊

  • Gadhadharan P.
    02/19/2019 12:59

    Why not a Plebiscite for Tamil elam in Tamil Nadu. let it be there for Punjab and North east. Arunachal pardes china is there ..........What foolishness especially after driving all Kashmir original inhabitants Pandits and others form Kashmir........ No India will be there ha ha ha

  • Dinesh J.
    02/19/2019 13:00

    Shut the fuck up

  • Waqar K.
    02/19/2019 13:02

    Whether u accept it or not......that is the only valid and logical solutions to this problem if u genuinely want to end the bloodshed and warmongering....!!! If u want to dig old graves....then of course this problem will b used to destroy hundreds of families by both politicians n terrorists..

  • Nilmoni D.
    02/19/2019 13:04

    Apna admi hai suport to korega