• Muthu I.
    09/08/2021 14:49

    Will he ever speak like a real Prime Minister ?

  • Mary A.
    07/08/2021 15:10

    Congratulations P V Sindhu!!👍👏😊

  • JR S.
    07/08/2021 07:09

    Dramabaz will do anything for PR stunt....

  • Raj M.
    06/08/2021 09:46

    Ice cream khao, aam khaoo, moor ko daana khilaoo Aur desh ki saari public sampathi BECH KHAOO..

  • Siva S.
    05/08/2021 14:55

    Who Indian PM now Moddy or Adani.When country have lot of poor people that same time got lot of billionaire including Moddy...both of them make lot of of money in Gujarat that time Mr.Moddy not PM.Now line clear to Adani,we are the champion of India.second most population in the world,for single medal far away from China.as a Indian stay in Malaysia i also support India but politic control sports.just smile only...

  • Chandrakant G.
    05/08/2021 05:20

    Jara kisano se bhi baat kar liya karo

  • Nixon N.
    05/08/2021 05:09

    Hindu Temples Demolished or Attacked in 2020/21 1. Ganesh Temple, Bhong, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab, 4th August 2021. 2. 100 year old Historic Temple, Rawalpindi, Punjab on 28th March 2021. 3. Teri Temple, Karak, KPK on 30th December 2020. 4. Mata Rani Temple, Nagarparkar, Sindh on 24 October 2020 5. Shri Ram dev Temple, Kario Ghanwar, Badin, Sindh on 10th October 2020. 6. Hanuman Temple, Lyari, Sindh on 17th August 2020. 7. Krishna Temple Islamabad ( Which was under construction ) on 4th July 2020. 8. Mata Rani Temple, Chahro Sindh on 26th January 2020.

  • Nixon N.
    05/08/2021 05:08

    In OkaraPakistan,5 boys raped a goat, the goat died.We demand Hijab for goats.

  • Prabhu R.
    05/08/2021 03:10

    Because mango season is over 😂😂

  • Lobsang P.
    05/08/2021 01:56

    130 crore ki avadhi ki desh ko abb tak sirf 3 medal 🏅 sharm ki baat hai doop maro modi jee chullu bar pani 💦 mein

  • Sushma C.
    04/08/2021 20:04

    Congratulations p.v.sindhu

  • Mohak J.
    04/08/2021 19:12

    Left aur librandu ko iss mei bhi problem hogaya hogaya

  • Rajver K.
    04/08/2021 14:58

    Kabi kissan se be mil lo

  • Karn V.
    04/08/2021 13:31

    Modiji also have ice cream 🍦 with farmers 🤨

  • Hitesh M.
    04/08/2021 12:39

    He works 18hrs per day like this

  • M.r. M.
    04/08/2021 12:27


  • Mohsin C.
    04/08/2021 12:12


  • Ameen S.
    04/08/2021 10:50

    Jumlas raja

  • Michael M.
    04/08/2021 10:31

    Sindhu don't take his talk so seriously ,if he has promised to give you a car or house, that is a lie,he easily lies to the nation

  • Uma S.
    04/08/2021 10:30

    Nehru inspired us on that independence speech that's why we are able to get medal now

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