No Pak Citizen Or Soldier Killed In Balakot: Sushma Swaraj

Sushma Swaraj revealed this important secret about India’s airstrike in Pakistan.

04/19/2019 10:48 AMupdated: 04/19/2019 12:56 PM
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  • Ateeq S.
    04/19/2019 10:51

    baby hippo got no chill

  • Taimor I.
    04/19/2019 10:52

    Shahadat 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Amir R.
    04/19/2019 10:52

    Martyr Karkare is now called anti-national by the Sadvi, BJP's new Modi!

  • Aakash T.
    04/19/2019 10:52

    Well nagrik means civilians maybe in pak terrorists are also considered a part of Civil society

  • Taimor I.
    04/19/2019 10:52

    Baaty karoroo ki Dukaan pakoroo ki

  • Abdullah S.
    04/19/2019 10:52

    I just can laugh on stupidity of infians ..proof needed urgently

  • Imran U.
    04/19/2019 10:53

    She revealed that no civilian, soldier was harmed in IAF Air Strike while in response IAF lose 2 Jets and one Heli in friendly fire. How hell Feb month was for IAF and India overall.

  • Muneeb M.
    04/19/2019 10:53

    Han ji aay ho ab line pe? ISPR ne pehle he bola tha beta sach bola karo sach mein bht power hoti hai

  • Saad B.
    04/19/2019 10:53

    What they want to prove is out of everybody mind. its over a month to that incident and everyone proved your Feku Figures of 200 250 300 400 and 650 terrorists being killed least tell your people the approx amount.In Pak anti india rhetoric won't even get you a single Vote And In India One party wouldn't even existed if not for Pakistan.

  • Furqaan S.
    04/19/2019 10:55

    Haha hence prooved!! IAF killed only innocent crows and pigeons in balakot air strike.. 😂😂Sharm tum ko magar aati nahi 😂😎

  • Iftikhar A.
    04/19/2019 10:55

    This can be used as new bollywood script. Keep it up guys.

  • Santharam R.
    04/19/2019 10:55

    Weather is too cold

  • Bilawal A.
    04/19/2019 10:56

    Shame on bloody politicians keeping fake narratives

  • Syed A.
    04/19/2019 10:56

    Hahahahahah 😆😆😅

  • Vinayak D.
    04/19/2019 10:56

    Look at those HaHa reactions. Seems like some of the Jaish ae Mohammad men are still alive.

  • Hanish S.
    04/19/2019 10:58

    sir !

  • Asif H.
    04/19/2019 10:58

    Ye hud boht bari antikwadi ha oor iss ka leader moodi antikwadi ha ye hud indians ko marwa ke seyasat karte hain

  • Diptangshu C.
    04/19/2019 10:58

    bro... Aay ekhane

  • Yougander R.
    04/19/2019 10:58

    She just told our enemy isn't Pak but our enemy is the terrorist camp of jem. I don't know why Pak people are feeling insecure with this comments .jem will harm your country too one day .you don't raise snakes in your own backyard .they will bite you too not just your neighbors.

  • Zeeshan A.
    04/19/2019 10:59

    Tum LoG OIC ma gay..Lakin Pakistan nai giya.Phir b ono na tumhry khilaf or Pakistan k haq ma Resolution pas ki.