• Thamizh I.
    04/27/2018 04:44


  • Purohit M.
    04/27/2018 05:44

    તમે તો સુરક્ષિત છો ને?

  • Tanya M.
    04/27/2018 05:57

    Kerala will be washed out becs of cruelty

  • Varun P.
    04/27/2018 06:02

    Plant coconut trees near costline.

  • Vishwesh C.
    04/27/2018 06:08

    You didn't explained why??

  • Rahul R.
    04/27/2018 06:11


  • Sumair B.
    04/27/2018 06:18


  • Rahul M.
    04/27/2018 06:19

    Candidate Koi Bhi Ho vote BJP ko bhi denge

  • Añis D.
    04/27/2018 06:21

    More mangrove Forrest... We need more mangrove forest near the shore lines

  • Samarth N.
    04/27/2018 07:20

    do something

  • Siji V.
    04/27/2018 07:28

    Feba David

  • 'Vishnu M.
    04/27/2018 07:57

    Sea came into the land ? Or these homes were built close to the beach without knowing that during monsoon tides will be high and strong ??

  • Swarajit P.
    04/27/2018 08:23

    Anyway Brut will find a way to blame Modi Govt in this video

  • Brut India
    04/27/2018 08:31

    A major cause of erosion in India is illegal sand mining:

  • Meena K.
    04/27/2018 09:09

    Build coastal road and put rocks on the shore

  • Aditya V.
    04/27/2018 09:58

    we spoke about it last night :D

  • Michael O.
    04/27/2018 10:08

    donate some money yaw

  • Ashwin K.
    04/27/2018 10:24

    The successive governments in Kerala have been fooling people by forcing "Pulimutts" and such kind of rocky walls to prevent the advancement of sea.The corrupt politicians and their interlocutors have been the only one's to benefit from this ciphoning of huge amount from the state exchequer.No rocky walls can stop the sea water and soil erosion but mangrove forests can.The current LDF government has tried this in the beaches of Alappuzha.But like the previous UDF government , they also have neglected Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.The major tourist spot, Shanghumugham beach is in abject condition with major part of the beach taken by the sea.The people in the coastal areas of southern kerala including Thiruvananthapuram are now under huge suffering thanks to the neglect meted out to them by the ruling LDF front.Brut India your report itself is incomplete , you have stated the problem.But you have deliberately missed the part of what made the problem worse, i.e. THE GOVERNMENT APATHY!

  • Shreyas P.
    04/27/2018 11:15

    bro ky hyo.

  • Venkatesh T.
    04/27/2018 11:19

    Why are houses built so close to sea and why is compensation paid when they are collapsed. In India tax payers money is least valued. Unorderly systems are highly valued.