• Govind M.
    06/06/2019 09:30

    Can someone mention that background tune...or song

  • Libin M.
    03/06/2019 08:36

    Come to India and will race in the gullies, challenge

  • Dimple N.
    02/06/2019 06:08


  • HarshitKshitij S.
    31/05/2019 10:51

    When rickshaw moves in india it looks faster than 120

  • Jitu C.
    29/05/2019 09:42

    Ever u try Kolkata bus😂

  • Gaggu A.
    24/05/2019 08:02


  • Sadique A.
    23/05/2019 09:18

    Come to ajmer and u will see the fastest of them rickshaw walas

  • Suman D.
    22/05/2019 10:33

    Tum bohot mast kam karta ha matt bhai :)

  • Sudhanshu S.
    20/05/2019 15:59

    Aadmi ladki k alawa v kisi cheez pr pgl ho sakta h 😑😒

  • Akshay K.
    17/05/2019 09:39


  • Mohammad I.
    13/05/2019 08:11

    20k pounds. ..a hefty price tag ..a luxury car would have arrived fr this price

  • Sukh S.
    12/05/2019 09:38

    interceptor se accha ye lele

  • Amit K.
    11/05/2019 04:00

    rodies salute

  • Satyashree M.
    10/05/2019 20:07

    Indiawala nku permission dele kan haba rasta re bhabuchu tah..

  • Lenon M.
    09/05/2019 17:02

    A vehicle with three wheels. No probs. But how are they placed makes the difference. None of the rickshaws are safe at turns on high to moderate speeds also the force falling on the driver's hands are enormous during high speeds when on an uneven surface.....if he places 2 wheels in front 1 in the back, easily can try to reach 140 miles an hour if he wants to. Till then, that's not a high speed stable speedster.

  • Shivam S.
    08/05/2019 07:49

    mate you got to race this tuk tuk guy with your surpa 😂😂

  • Saurav S.
    06/05/2019 17:07

    iski Baat kar rha tha?

  • Brut India
    06/05/2019 13:47

    But will it be faster than Usain Bolt? https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/usain-bolt-races-against-a-tuk-tuk-obviously-wins_uk_5ca48385e4b079824024bcac?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAMgv3KgiBfSqnxGNBN_0JnLTTGjfa8jGt8x2Jixrh9N9fCEpQdrDOEz711UP0zHNCJ4ud9zi3d1KhPgnxmw0qPfQugZZ064EqnbWnxoxyMDBNPaor-5jHdWd6aIN_FfnZj-IO4YGZ83p9MHdeua6hzOw4RO_lw0nSXkOVhiMLACU

  • Keyur G.
    05/05/2019 04:09

    That’s what I call true passion for life! He will win the race! Confidence

  • Soham T.
    05/05/2019 03:16


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